• The council of the wise. :o

    Society is in chaos, Aggressive behavior can be witnessed daily, Just go for a drive to experience the rage, Frustration and threatening behavior all to commonly displayed in public. Destructive behaviors both personal, Socially and environmentally are rife throughout society and all to often go unpunished. One could argue such social issues have been engineered in order for a select few to profit and ultimately create the circumstances needed for the masses to welcome the relief offered by a NWO. Given this, If the NWO could prove to be wise, Compassionate, Fare, Awarding those worthy according to natural talents and abilities as opposed, To social status then a new system could be God-sent. People should be given work according to natural tendencies. Thus, Some harmony can be brought into the chaotic systems currently running in which fools are in positions of authority and highly intelligent individuals can be found packing boxes in Amazon warehouses or pouring coffee in starsucks. The NWO should be the establishment of a Government headed by highly enlightened individuals, Philosophy and science should be at the fore front and the pursuit of collective enlightenment the goal of humanity. No one should be left to suffer for want of the bare necessities of life. Criminals should be punished and feel the full force of the law. . . Fear and compassion must be balanced. Diversity should be celebrated, Natural habitats protected and enjoyed, Animals protected, Individual responsibilities must be given in accordance to protecting our environment, Individual carbon footprints must be managed and consumption of “ environmentally hazardous goods” restricted. All hail the NW emperor May he be just :P

  • Support Global Agenda

    The world we live in today unfortunately has become a very greedy and selfish world. Unfortunatly things are not getting better they are only getting much worse by the day. The only way to fix or to save things is to create order. It has worked globally for military's so it's our only chance.

  • Bring the NWO on

    The NWO is a great plan , by great men , it takes real men to stand up and lead , sheeple are of no concern , sceptic's think that they can stop the inevitable , no way , I am not one of them , I support the New World Order and do so gladly , I desire to assist in this great plan !

  • Sooner the better

    Out with archaic fanatical religious zealotry, out with tribal-like nationalism, out with copious mass ignorance, out with harming the planet, out with fools governing so-called democracies voted for by the uneducated.
    In with; One planet one vision, uniting humanity and taking the next evolutionary step forward, peace, intelligence, selflessness, prosperity and truth.

  • A one world government could be a good thing

    Imagine what we could do as a species if we stopped spending so much on war between nations, and turned all our attention to research and education. It would take a one world government to make war, bigotry, and hatred of people on the "other side" obsolete ideals. As long as it is set up well, and no one person or government has the advantage over another.

  • That's the wrong direction

    The problem is too much government. We need to be moving power away from all-powerful, all-controlling government, not creating a whole new level to take over our private lives for us. The United States federal government has become a bloated monster in DC trying to control the lives of its citizens, and a one-world-government would be even worse. It would be the end of personal freedom (or what's left of it).

    Posted by: SM29
  • I don’t support a new world order type of global government.

    I don’t support a new world order type of global government. This is only bringing us a step closer to the
    new world order. This was written in the
    Bible and also in other books. People
    don’t really understand what’s going on out here in the world. This must be

  • No NWO Government

    A New World Order global government wouldn't work in this day and age. Too many countries are perfectly content governing themselves, and that's how things should be. Without a doubt, a global government would only cause more problems for the people of today's world. Therefore, it is a terrible idea.

  • Government Works Better On Smaller Terms

    I do not support a new world order type of global government. I believe the world is too big and too vast for one government to oversee it all without a lot of people being left behind. I prefer the sliced up countries and governments we have now. If I so chose, I could simply move out of the United States, which I've thought about. If everything was controlled under one regimen, then where are people suppose to escape to?

  • No I don't.

    I do not support a new world order global type of governmnet, I think that would lead to more harm than good. Not everyone in the world is going to agree on certain subjects and some countries would have to drastically change in order to fit one type of government and that would not be right.

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