• Single Payer health system for Colorado

    Single payer health systems have worked successfully in countries such as UK, Australia, Canada and Taiwan. Colorado should also opt for a single payer health system it would ensure health care services for everyone. Health care being very costly such a system would ensure that no one is left out of health services.

  • Yes, I support a single-payer health system for Colorado.

    I support a single payer health care system for Colorado because it would allow more people to get access to health care. The current system denies many people coverage or does not provide enough coverage based on cost. A single payer health system would help make health care a right, not a privilege.

  • Single payer systems work well

    Single-payer health systems are the gold-standard for insuring large groups of citizens. I truly believe that if the whole country could move to a single-payer system, we would all be much better off--and much healthier, too. Single-payer systems utilizes centralization and uniformization as hallmarks in ensuring that everyone receives the health care that they need.

  • Give People the Choice

    I understand that Colorado is trying to break boundaries and change things for their state to make other states follow in their footsteps, but I don't think this is a good idea. I think a lot of people might be upset with something like this and want another option than just a single-payer health system.

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