Do you support abortion being legal in the first trimester?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Abortion should be legal

    When a person passes away and is a candidate for organ donation the hospital cannot legally take the organs without written permission by the closest family member. If a woman got pregnant and abortion would be legal the state would effectively be forcing her to give up her body for nine months. If abortion was illegal a woman would have less rights than a dead body. It has nothing to do with the fetus's "life", it has to do with the woman's right to bodily autonomy.

  • Abortion is a medical procedure and shoud be treated as such.

    I believe that the SCOTUS decision in Roe vs Wade was essentially a rational, fact-based decision and I support its restrictions. First trimester abortions should be unrestricted, second trimester may be restricted based on rational health concerns, and third trimester abortions can be outlawed by states as they see fit.

    Anything other than this is inserting religion into medicine and law beyond what is permitted by the First Amendment's establishment clause.

  • It is legal...

    It is legal in the U S A but my personal opinion is if the child can feel pain then it is inhumane to end it's life under the mother's discretion unless the mother was raped or the life of the mother or child is in danger. . . .

  • I do not.

    It is dishonest to say your are against abortion after the first trimester because you consider it taking a human life, then turn around and say you support it in the first trimester as the younger unborn is not human life. Society has truly decayed and sunken to some very low levels, where people advocate for all sort of inhumanity and against decency. See the opposition to follow as an example.

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