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  • Affirmative Action is like “New Racism” and paints minorities as lazy and unable to achieve

    Affirmative Action takes into account a person’s race as a factor in college admissions. If you are Black or Hispanic, good for you, your race will earn you brownie points to go to college. If you are White or Asian, that sucks, your race will count against you. At the University of Wisconsin in 2008, the average GPA for a black student was much lower than that of a white or Asian one. In fact, not a single Black applicant was rejected with a GPA of 3.5 or better, but over a thousand white applicants were. This amounts to serious racial discrimination on the part of the University. If a black or Hispanic student wants to attend a prestigious institution, they should have to work for the same GPA and ACT score as everyone else. There should be no separate category for minorities to get in simply because a university thinks that minorites are incapable of achieving to the same high standard of white students.

  • Education will even the field.

    Affirmative action will not even the field. Productive workers are found by hiring bright, capable and passionate humans. Social skills and effective decision making skills are essential to the entire process of interviewing and hiring. If we expect to live "as one nation under G-d" we need to focus on what we want in the work force and I believe that education is the key. Educating our youth to become capable and effective people will eliminate the need for any type of affirmative action.

  • It is racism rebranded.

    Race should have no part of the decision making process, black, white, purple, or brown. It muddies the quality of education in the university, and it creates a separation between those who are accepted on merit and those selected on race. It is also counter-productive because it sets the bar low and doesn't allow minorities to truly be respected because they are perceived to have gotten a handout.

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