Do you support Anonymous' war on terrorism?

Asked by: SNP1
  • Why Not? They are a strong group

    Here we have an independent group of uberhackers, who have the capacity to shut down virtually everyone who has a computer, and they're on our side. I don't care whether they're doing this out of vengeance, which I would normally consider morally ambiguous, or for the safety of America, but they are on our side and can put up a fight, saving lives and ending terrorist attacks along the way. We have nothing to lose in supporting them, and there is no way in which it contradicts our morals, right?

  • Hell yeah I do,

    Because if these bastards think they can waltz around the place killing people then what wrong is Anonymous doing by telling everyone their names? If you aren't careful enough not to get caught, then catch you they will and you will soon regret it . . . Hopefully so .

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