• Not On A Financial Basis

    I myself support anti-semitism, but I do not directly support any proponents because it is not a problem where I live. Anti-semitism is pretty much non-existent in the Midwest of the United States, so there really isn't any local problems associated with this problem and any Jewish residents are not directly identified as such, they are simply another member of the community.

  • No, I don't.

    No, I definitely do not support any anti-Semitism proponents or anyone who is an anti-Semite in general. It is foolish and bigoted to portray an entire population in a negative light and to insinuate or say that all members of that group are the same and to paint them all in a negative light.

  • Anti semitism is just wrong!

    I disagree I do not feel as though people should judge other people regardless of what it is or what they do not think it should be. Everyone is entitled to what they think and how they want to live their live so they shouldn't be punished for that. I think that people should mind their own business and worry about what they are doing wrong instead of judging others.

  • Not people specifically

    I'm sure that there are people throughout the world that are anti-semitic that could still be considered good people, mostly because their anti-semitism stems from ignorance, rather than hate. If people are genuinely hateful of Jews, or any race or group of people, after interacting with them and knowing them, they don't have my support.

  • It is not constructive.

    No, I do not support any anti-Semitism proponents, because it is unfair to discriminate against people based on things that they cannot help, like the way that they are born. Anti-Semitism leads to some terrible things, like destruction of property, and even in some cases, mass murder. People should be taught to love each other, because we are all children of God.

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