• There is a sense that he actually says what he thinks, instead of only appealing to everyone.

    I can agree with a lot of what he says, and unlike the other Democratic candidates he seems more willing to go against popular opinion if he really thinks what he believes is right. Someone who isn't a slave to what is popular is someone I can get along with.
    Pretty much every republican candidate is just a copy of each other, they repeat the same bs that their supporters want to hear, and Donald Trump is an idiot, enough said. (I probably wouldn't vote for a Republican anyways, considering I disagree with most Republican policies.)
    The Democrats are pretty much the same, they repeat the same things people want to hear, and it doesn't feel like they actually support what they say but rather they do it because of the polls, especially with Hillary.
    Being and acting real matter the most to me, even if I might disagree with the person.

  • Yes, absolutely; he's who America needs

    What Bernie Sanders is espousing is nothing new. From the perspective of international viewers, he's actually quite mainstream and moderate.

    I think his reforms can change the US for the better. The US has had a difficult history, and this has created a society with weak social cohesion and flimsy social fabric. The many holes that exist in US society need to be alleviated, even if it'll take generations to do so, and I think Bernie Sanders' policies will achieve this alleviation. The sooner the better.

  • I don't hate rich people

    I don't want to force people to give up their hard earned money, and give it to people who didn't work for it and won't make any use of it. You put the time and effort into getting that money so it is yours. It shouldn't go to pay for someones women studies degree or liposuction.

  • I don't know

    What it is, but when he starts talking I just start shaking my head. Could be a sign of something more serious. If he is elected to be president, I know I can get free help. You know when you are listening to a Bro tell you his awesome stories. Yep, "BS this and BS that and 50 beers," *sarcastically* cool bro.
    "Freeeeeee Stuff and Scandinavian countries," *sarcastically* cool Bernie.
    Although, feelthebern is a pretty good saying.

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