Do you support BitTorrent (yes) or FileSharing (no)?

  • BitTorrent is awesome

    I know that a lot of people will say that BitTorrent is a horrible service and only enables people to share files illegally over the internet, but I think that the service is good. Internet file sharing is incredibly hard to stop and BitTorrent is just allowing people to share what they have.

  • I support BitTorrent

    Yes, I support BitTorrent and torrenting as a form of digital distribution, rather than direct file sharing. Utilizing a torrenting system allows a distributor to place the burden of large files across multiple peers rather than on a single distribution point. This provides many benefits, such as not having a central location, thus making a denial of service attack impossible.

  • BitTorrent Been Around Longer

    BitTorrent, although not the only player in the file sharing world, has been around in some form ever since the Internet started in the early 1990s. Other file sharing sites came along later, but none have quite had the impact on data downloads as BitTorrent. The difficulty with programs such as these is that cloud computing is wave of the future since that saves space on computer hard drives.

  • I Prefer To Pay

    I do not support BitTorrent or File Sharing. I believe people worked on the films, music, media, and books; and deserve their pay. When people share the content of these items, the creators and authors are not paid. If I need to read or book or watch a movie, I either buy it or rent it.

  • No, it is theft.

    No, I do not support BitTorrent or FileSharing, because it is a theft of someone's intellectual property. If the people who produce music and television shows cannot fairly charge someone to watch the show, there is no way for them to earn a profit. If they cannot profit, they will stop producing shows, and everyone will lose.

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