• I support her.

    This is something she has struggled with most of her life. It wasn't a quick decision made in a week. She suppressed it and in the end she still couldn't lie about it. The world is slowly becoming more accepting of people transitioning and I believe Caitlyn can make it even more acceptable. At the end of the day we all just want to be happy.

    Posted by: sj91
  • Caitlyn has the right to choose

    I believe that Caitlyn Jenner should have the right to choose her gender and sexuality. Caitlyn has the chance to use this opportunity to promote living a transgender or gender-change lifestyle and this can only be a good thing. Caitlyn's family, who were told back in January of the intent to transition, have been given plenty of time to discuss how public this change is - at the end of the day, this is Caitlyn's story. She has the right to transition and the right to do it publically if she chooses to.

  • Caitlyn Jenner has a right to transition.

    I support Caitlyn Jenner because it's her right to transition if she chooses. It's her body and she can express herself as she sees fit. While I do not agree with her new reality series based around her transition, I believe that if Bruce is happier as Caitlyn, that's how she should live her life.

  • Caitlyn Jenner Did the Right Thing

    Caitlyn Jenner has a Constitutional right to pursue happiness, just like every other US citizen, as long as she doesn't hurt anyone. She is a world-class athlete and role model. She is entitled to live her truth just like everyone else. If people want to be upset about something, they should get upset about child abuse.

  • Caitlyn Jenner Has Every Right To Transition.

    The right to transition is a personal decision whether one agrees with it or not. Caitlyn did this in a very public and shocking way, but this is her right. People will always disagree with issues like this, but they need to remember that everyone has the right to express themselves as long as it is legal.

  • Nothing wrong with it

    Makes her happy, doesn't negatively effect anyone else, motivates other people like her. She doesn't deserve praise or criticism for the transition, seeing as though it's just a change of appearance. I don't understand how anyone could not support a person expressing their self. Everyone deserves the right to be happy, so if this is what it takes for her, then so be it.

  • Disgussting, caitlyn jenner has no right

    I typed two pages about this and it deleted. So sad. But manipulating yourself doesn't make you a different person it just makes you disgusting. You can neuter a cat and it's still a male, a guy can get breast implants he's still a guy. What would someone that lived when this country was first founded think? If they had known how horrible America would become they probable would have made it's birth something that would cease to happen.

  • Caitlyn Jenner Did the Wrong Thing. This is disgusting and manipulation of the body, it shouldn't be a right it should be frowned upon.

    He may be his own person but this is a bad decision, like somebody could go and get a tongue piercing, they're their own being and they can do what they please but I would tell them it's a bad idea because many of them get infected, smell bad, and can rot your tongue. I'm not trying to take that right away from them but I'm telling them it's not right. No matter what he does Bruce Jenner will always be a man no matter how much cosmetic surgery he gets or how much he manipulates himself. A cat can be neutered but it is still a male that does not make it female. A man can get breast implants but that does not make him a woman. He is not a different sex he just manipulated what he already is trying to become somebody else he will never be because he was born a male and that he will always be. I will not support body manipulation and didn't they always tell you in school never be anyone but yourself? I don't think he's corresponding with this very well. It's not a she, still a guy always will be.

  • It's Just Wrong

    Cutting of one's testicles is first off a sin. But for those athiests, how does cutting of your testicles seem morally right? "What's the Problem With It?" Really? So cutting off that part is natural? The part that allows you to produce offspring is natural? Or it's just that Bruce is famous which already makes people support him. Smh

  • No it's not normal

    I can never accept something that's not natural. Its going against god's will. Besides it doesn't make any sense he waited 65 years to do this? Why now? Media is promoting crap like this to make it seem okay with time. Well I'm sure not everyone will silent to these demonic deeds.

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