• Yes, I do support Catharine MacKinnon's view on sexual harassent politics.

    I do indeed support Catharine MacKinnon's views on sexual harassment against women. I agree with her position that sexual harassment against women is a form of discrimination based on sex. I also agree with her idea that pornography can be extremely demeaning and degrading to women. Finally, I agree with her findings that pornography can influence men to treat women with violence.

  • MacKinnon's Views on Sexual Harassment Are Correct

    Catharine MacKinnon has been a champion for women's rights in the workplace since the late 1970s. She helped coin the term "sexual harassment" and believes such behavior is sexual discrimination because it makes women subservient to men in the workplace. Without a patriarchal structure at places of employment, there is no sexual harassment. Further MacKinnon believes the sex trade and porn simply degrades women even further. She is correct--despicable men who think with their hormones defile and degrade women for their own gains all the time. We'd live in a much better world without such horrifying displays of chauvinism.

  • She is progressive.

    Yes, I support Catharine MacKinnon's views on sexual politics, because she has a great deal of respect for women. With all of the consequences for women of sex, it is wrong for the women's liberation movement to somehow decide that free sex on demand is empowering to women. MacKinnon gets it, and correctly stands up for women.

  • On the question as it stands then no.

    On harassment in the workplace, unless we have a definition of what kind, severity etc I am cautious to opine. In a male only workplace you get the same banter that to a woman could be seen as harassment. The touchy feely type and sexual overtones if continued after asked to desist is very much harassment. On porn I disagree, I am not aware of any studies that support her argument so if women are to be considered free agents the choice is theirs and theirs alone.

  • Too rooted in theory

    There are serious and legit concerns that feminism deals with - in no way am I trying to downplay them in any way. Harder core feminists, especially those opposed to pornography and similar things are themselves putting limits on the freedom of choice of women and people in general, and make little sense.

  • Her Views Are Biased

    I do not support Catharine MacKinnon's views on sexual politics. She has mainly focused on sexual harassment and pornography. While her views on sexual harassment are easier to digest, her views on pornography take away a persons right to chose and I do not believe in that. Her sexual harassment seems to forget that sexual harassment can work both ways as well.

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