• Je suis charlie.

    Freedom of speech. Need I say more? People should have the right to say what they want and speak up, and there are the few brave ones like Charlie who probably know the consequences yet choose to go on because they can. And even if it was "rude" or "not right" it was still a cartoon. People need to stop taking this so literally. It is his job to be funny and make silly things.

  • Hell yes, I support it!!!

    Everyone that is an American should. Free speech is the cornerstone of our society. WE do not want anyone here that does not believe in it. People lost their lives at Charlie Hebdo because some A**hole religious freaks thought they had a right to tell the rest of us how to live. When there is no freedom of speech there is no freedom.

  • Yes I support the rights of people to express an opinion.

    Religion warrants no protection. I suspect religions desire to have itself protect from criticism is due to the fragile nature of belief/faith. Religion cannot withstand criticism so it wishes to suppress it. I support Charlie Hebdo because I support free expression and religion doesn't warrant a special exemption. If I could buy a print I would.

  • I support Charlie Hebdo and his right to have free speech.

    It is quite sad that any religious group would attempt, with violence, to halt a person or entity using their rights of free speech. Muslim extremists used violence to attempt to halt Charlie's free speech. We don't find this with Christians or others when someone talks out against their Lord. Why should Muslims be allowed this power. Yes, I support Charlie Hebdo.

  • Yes, I support Charlie Hebdo.

    Yes, I support Charlie Hebdo. I think it is so upsetting what happened there and I don't think they did anything wrong in the beginning to have those attacks on them. I think ISIS is the only wrong ones here and they really just need to lay off. It is so sad what is going on with the world

  • Supporting Charlie Hebdo Means Supporting Freedom of Speech

    While Charlie Hebdo often publishes material that may be found offensive by certain religious or cultural groups, they are exemplary of what the press should be allowed in terms of freedom of speech. Whether or not found distasteful by others, they have the right to express their opinions in open forum.

  • I can condemn what you say but fight to the death for your right to say it

    Yes, many things that Charlie Hebdo published were apparently offensive. Thought provoking in many cases as well. Legitimate critiques of various religions, as many editorial cartoons do and have done since forever.

    Agree with the message or not, we all have to agree with the necessity of people having the right to say it. It shouldn't be controversial to say that. It shouldn't be even a debate to say that I support an organization or individual's right to free speech.

    So regardless of how I feel about the business itself, I have to say I support Charlie Hebdo, and that free speech trumps your thoughts on propriety.

  • Freedom of Speech and those opposed are clueless

    I'd say 75% opposed think that Charlie Hebdo is a person which undermines their own arguments. It is a publication not a person. On the column to the write more than half of those not supporting Hebdo claim "he" is a bad person or author. It's a magazine people get your facts straight. Also, people claim it is Islamophobic and ask "what if it had been offensive to Christians or Jews? Charlie Hebdo has been offensive to Christians and Jews. More evidence that those opposed to Charlie Hebdo are uneducated idiots. People think that it is bad that they produce offensive things, but offensive things hurt nobody. Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine. They make fun of all that they can and they have the balls to mock taboo subjects. They have the right to do this. Censorship and being PC is a joke. People should be able to say whatever they want without having several people get shot to death. They have the right to use their satire against anyone and as soon as publications like Charlie Hebdo are censored, that will be the beginning of the end for free speech just because it is "offensive". People grow thicker skin and stop not supporting a magazine just because it was offensive. You don't have to see or buy it if you don't like it.

    Posted by: Ahh
  • Where's the problem?

    Charlie Hebdo has created articles and photos which are aimed towards many religious views, not just Muslims. Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs etc... As well as ones about their own country and President. No other group of people which have been the subject of their jokes have had a problem with it, so why does one particular group feel the need to carry out such vile attacks? If someone is offended by something in the magazine, this is of course their own opinion and they also have freedom of speech, just like Charlie Hebdo, to voice their opinion. No need for the extreme actions which took place.

  • Freedom of Speech of course

    Perhaps the wrong forum, but I want to know if Charlie Hebdo considers freelance satire stories. I have one to offer. I recently translated it but I don't even know if this only create cartoons instead of written satire. Help anyone. I found their address online unless it has since changed. Please help. Thank you.

  • I do not support Chatlie Hebdo.

    I do not support Charlie Hebdo for a number of reasons. One reason is because he is disrespecting other religions and peoples' beliefs. I do not agree with making humorous jokes about other people's religion. Also Charlie Hebdo's magazine caused twelve people to lose their lives just because of the controversial cartoons the magazines have.

  • Disrespect another's religion? Several times? Good job! Especially when your country has had several bombings by stupid radical muslims, who have no sense of judgement.

    Yeah okay, it is what you do for a living. Big freaking WHOOP. What if what i did for a living was harass people? Just because me and another million behind me thought that it was cool. Freedom of press and speech, yeah because me not wanting anyone to disrespect my religion or holy person is completely bad thing. FYI: did you know in France a similar thing happened to a group of Jews, and they sued the newspaper and guess what.. The newspaper took it down AND got shut down. Muslims did the exact same thing.
    Now dont get me wrong, i am NOT agreeing to what the KILLERS did. What they did was wrong, no doubt. But again, they are killers; not terrorists. Why ? Because Killers kill people for something or just for the sake of killing. Terrorists, do what they do to promote fear. Those men, and women, who killed the newsmen did so with a cause that they completed; not to spread fear or chaos.
    That's it.
    There comes a point where Freedom of Speech and Press must stop; and me, i would give up mine if it meant that i couldn't hurt, harass, or abuse religions, causes, etc.

  • Do you think no one will retaliate to his articles?

    Charlie Hebdo has been extremely offensive to other religions and their beliefs. Do you think its funny? Now just because he has been killed you all support him. If he weren't killed none of you would be supporting him. You would be disgusted by his ride remarks and comments. It was inevitable that something bad was going to happen to him

  • No Way Jose

    Charlie Hebdo did bad things. You don't trash another religion like that. He got what was coming to him. Silly Silly Charlie. It was very disrespectful. Not something that should have been done. How would christians feel? How about Jews? Just because he was killed does not mean that you should support him.

  • Nobody should die, but I don't condone his actions

    First of all, I don't support the terrorists one bit. Nobody should die for their opinion.

    That being said, supporting the right to life is not the same as agreeing with the lifestyle. Charlie Hebdo was not a satirical author for the simple reason that satire is meant to target those in power.

    What Hebdo did was paint degrading images of the founder of a well-established world religion, knowing full well that Islam specifically bans portraits of Mohammed.

    What I suggest people do is actually look at the degrading cartoons Mr. Hebdo drew, and ask themselves, "what if he drew pictures like this of Jesus, or the President, or Jewish people?"

    He was a hatemonger, pure and simple. His entire career depended on the existence of extremist minorities, and that is how he died. "Live by the sword, die by the sword." That is the nature of the beast.

  • Free Speech doesn't give you the right to be callous.

    Hebdo continuously drew hateful cartoons of multiple religious figures knowing full well of how offensive they were. The shooting at Hebdo was bad but by saying "Je suis Charlie" You are glorifying a company that posts all forms of vulgar insensitivity under the guise of "free speech" they have made graphic cartoons not only mocking Islam but multiple other religions for example

  • Do you think no one will retaliate to his articles?

    Charlie Hebdo has been extremely offensive to other religions and their beliefs. Do you think its funny? Now just because he has been killed you all support him. If he weren't killed none of you would be supporting him. You would be disgusted by his ride remarks and comments. It was inevitable that something bad was going to happen to him

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