• Co-ed sports rule!

    We're allowed to choose freely and if you ask people, there's a more than likely chance that people with sense in their mind would choose the right answer: co-ed sports are obviously a good thing, even if one person doesn't agree with them. Unless you actually care about co-ed sports, there's no reason you should be debating whether or not we have unisex sport teams!

  • Yes I do

    I think sports are very healthy and should be supported to produce more athletes and strengthen the professional leagues more and most professionals start even before coed so it may be best to not break precedence. Maybe it is better to pay college athletes so as to make the games more interesting thus attracting more fans.

  • Yes, if everyone agrees to coed sports.

    I believe that coed sports would be fine, as long as everyone agreed to it and it was safe for everyone. When sports are highly physical, I don't think it would be wise, such as tackle football and wrestling. Even though men and women are equal, a man's strength can typically surpass a woman's, so it would potentially be disadvantageous and dangerous for a woman to play in this type of sport. That being said, for sports like tennis and golf, I don't see why it would be wrong.

  • They already exist

    The NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL are all gender neutral. If a women is ever good enough to make a roster there is no rule to prevent her from doing so. Only the women's sports have gender requirements. I don't see a woman ever making a roster in any of these leagues without taking more steroids than Barry Bonds, and even then it might not be enough.

  • Would It Not Be Interesting

    I would support co-ed professional sports, but as of yet, I have not really seen many sports fields that are co-ed. I think professional sports would be dramatically more interesting if they were co-ed, but I don't know that I would want to see it become entirely co-ed. I think it is an interesting topic and something we should try. Maybe we could have special co-ed leagues instead of changing the leagues we already have.

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  • They are not matched

    Women are very capable at playing sports and being very good. However, if you compare the best 10 women, they will not be as big or as strong as the ten best men. It is simply biology that makes this correct. There should not be coed professional sports in my belief.

  • That could be dangerous

    Men and women are built differently, men are much physically bigger and stronger it would be dangerous for a woman to be on the field playing in the same team.

    Some sports are easier for women and some sports are easier for men depending of the body type for the sport. It would not be fair to pit them against each other.

  • No, not as a rule.

    There may be some sports and some women who can support this type of competition. But for the most part, the upper body strength of men and their competitive drive is going to be held in check if they are running into females. Women are competent, of course, but their bodies are often stronger in different places from men.

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