• It does not lead to poverty

    Communism means the spread of resources equally to citizens. If citizens get equal proportions of resources, There will be much less scarcity for people. However, If there is no communism, Some people are very rich while others are poor. Thus leading to greater social impact and the number of crimes would increase.
    Is communism good? Feel free to share your opinions in this page:)

  • Communism is an unavoidable step in human historical development

    Capitalism has internal contradictions (i. E. Between capital and labour, Profit maximization and wage maximization, Socialized production and private appropriation, Production costs and profit margins, Need of constant economic expansion and Earth's resource limitations, City and countryside development, Manual and intellectual labour, And many many more) that makes it an unstable social order and will lead it sooner or later to its downfall. Other social systems before capitalism (like primitivism, Slavery, And feudalism) fell for their internal contradictions, It is not logical to suppose capitalism will endure such contradictions forever unlike all those systems before.

  • Communism is an inherently flawed system, Idealized by sheltered SJWs that are too lazy to work and want free stuff.

    Communism advocates for a classless, Lawless, Moneyless society - a utopian pipe dream that looks good on paper but never works when applied to the real world. Communism is shown to fail time and time again, Just see the millions of deaths and severe economic damage caused by Pol Pot and Mao Zedong in China - or the Holdomor genocides during the period of Jozef Stalin's reign in Soviet Russia. Though if you tell this to a commie, They'd just cry their typical No True Scotsman screech of "tHaTs nOt rEaL cOmMuNiSm! 1! 1"

    Without money, Laws/government, Or class hierarchies a society collapses hard. Capitalism has it's flaws, But it's the best economic system and pretty much all successful societies operate under capitalism or a derivative of it.

  • I support socialism

    Communism is STATELESS! If all other ideas except stateless were applied, Then yea sure. Stateless = Bad. Communism with a state would work, But that is literally classless socialism.

    And for all cold war fighters, The definition of socialism is "Worker controls of the means of productions" something that actually gives more freedom.

  • As of yet there is no economic system without inherent flaws, And communism is not exempt from this.

    While I do consider myself to prefer communism to capitalism, Overall I disapprove of both methods. Both communism and capitalism have obvious flaws to them; with communism these flaws are shown in the actual implementation of the ideology in the U. S. S. R. And communist China, As well as other communist countries throughout recent history. While the ideology itself is not necessarily flawed (aside from its idealism), It has not *yet* been implemented in a way that is not corrupt or abusive towards human rights and civil liberties. If communism can be implemented in a way that supports all citizens, Not merely dictators, Then citizens and government officials could work to improve it and fix its largest flaws.

    Communism doesn't necessarily mean poverty, And it doesn't always mean lack of personal freedoms. These are merely the only ways we've seen the ideology implemented so far, But (much like other economic ideologies) there is as of yet no means for implementing it without corruption and inequality, Even in a system that holds economic equality so highly.

  • I do not support communism!

    I don't support communism, Because communism doesn't have free speech or anything that United States have! Here in United States, We have free speech, Thus we get to say what we want to say to express our opinion and thoughts! Unlike communist, You're not going to get arrested for criticizing government or create protest (as long as you're following the rules of protest like avoid rioting, Avoid blocking roads, Etc. )!

  • Communism means poverty and totalitarianism.

    Wherever the communists prevailed, They caused only poverty, Totalitarianism, Wars and they led millions of people to death. And we should not forget that the communist Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, One of the strictest dictators in the history of mankind, Was an ally of nazist Germany and both states invaded Poland in 1939, Nazis from the West and communists from the East. Unlike some "fascists" dictators, Like Franco of Spain, Salazar of Portugal or Metaxas of Greece, Who either did not engage the war or fought the Axis, The Soviets even assisted the Germans to arrest Jews in the occupied eastern Europe.
    However, All these are only a tiny chapter of the history of communism. Communists caused multiple civil wars within independent states(Vietnam, Greece, Korea) and splited nations for decades(Korea, Germany). One of their prominent leaders, Fidel Castro, Who is still admired by the communists around the world, Attempted to cause a Third World War, Intending to let the Soviets settle nuclear weapons in Cuba, Only a few miles from the American coast. It is an undeniable fact that communism is one of the deadliest ideologies in the human history and therefore, It should be considered equally devastative and totalitarian to Hitler's nazism.

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    Kyle has those knockoff beyblades that break after they hit my real ones.
    He keeps saying he wants to use mine but only because i won all of his Yu-Gi-Oh cards and now he wants to win them back.

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