Do you support computer brain enhancement/control?

Asked by: abyteofbrain
  • Resistance is futile.

    Computer brain and enhancement control is the inevitable march of technology. It's not a matter of if it will happen, but when. I do not see any issues with realizing the full potential of the brain through the use of computer enhancement. Imagine what secrets of the universe we'll unlock when we can double our speed of thought with a little help!

  • No, I do not support computer brain enhancement.

    I do not think that computer brain enhancement is beneficial to anyone at all. Enhancing the human brain with computer technology would be like turning us into robots. Our brains can be enhanced through learning and stimulating it ourselves. Using a computer as a shortcut is unethical and not true to Christian values.

  • We would all die.

    We as humans are special because we all think different. I believe that this concept will lead us to extinction. If you get someone mad at you they can hack into you and control what you do . We are having trouble with hackers today and we want to sink our branes with computers. If there is one smart hacker they can hack a whole country and start a war.

  • Not unless it is proven safe

    This technology could be very dangerous. Hackers could break in and control people's brains. The computer needs to be made resistant to being hacked somehow. Otherwise the risk is too great. We need to somehow prevent neurological hacking. Otherwise this could be abused by criminals corrupt politicians or dictators or wannabe dictators.

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