• The racist, Fascist organization of police must be abolished NOW!

    The rot and filth of white supremacy infected the entire world. White people were always seeing their purpose i destroying as many Black lives as possible and now they can do it LEGALLY! Under the disguise of, , Law and order". WAKE UP PEOPLE! THEY WANT TO EXTERMINATE US! WE NEED TO STOP THEM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

  • Yeah, And here's one simple conclusion

    The police was created to keep black people "in line" and that's not cool or constitutional as colonists from the 1700s would say. They will not change their behavior unless we do something about it. The only logical thing we can do now is defund them. Obviously protesting has not been helping.

    Posted by: DB2
  • Law enforcement is in the wrong

    I'm assuming United States for this argument. Laws are not established democratically with consideration of the wellbeing of people. Many laws that still stand today were created by people who committed/supported genocide against native americans, Supported and benefited from slavery, Believed themselves superior or more qualified to rule due to their race and gender, And died never knowing about important things to consider today like climate change, Machine guns, Nuclear bombs, The internet, Or automation. Many people, Such as women and people of color, Had no say at all in a lot of these laws. Now, We have people in uniforms that go around being violent carrying weapons that others aren't allowed to use, Whose job description is to enforce laws that I previously argued are unjust and invalid. If you think police stop crimes, Consider whether your definition of 'crime' applies equally across all professions. If people see police committing crimes, They should have every right to prevent those crimes, And this is how they demand it happen. Eliminate the job position. There are laws against eating from a pile of food larger than what the whole town would be able to eat because you don't have the dollars. No dollars, Food goes in the trash, And you'll get kidnaped and held captive for trying to survive peacefully if you try. Law enforcement comes, Calls it stealing from a grocery store, Arrests you and puts you in jail, All trying to eat food to survive, When doing so would not harm or take away from anyone. Think police help people? Then defund the police, Create new job descriptions that involve helping people peacefully, And hire people qualified for those jobs. Law enforcement hurts people. Law enforcement isn't about helping or protecting anyone, Its about intimidating people into following laws, And threatening people with violence, Kidnapping, And holding you captive (sometimes with ransom, Bail! ) If they enforce a law that helps people, That's great. But laws aren't made based on morality and facts, And those laws often cause more harm than good. You can have people with badges wandering the streets going around helping people if that helps you feel safe, But that's not law enforcement. If you want to help the community, Bring food, Not guns. Do what is actually helpful and compassionate, Not what a bunch of genocidal sexist racists thought was a good system of government before telephones were even invented and when owning slaves was still considered an aspiration.

  • Yes i agree

    I think that many of us—particularly cauasian people—have been taught to equate policing with public safety and can’t imagine an alternative situation. But our criminal legal system was built to reinforce deep structural racism in our society. For most individuals and communities of color, Policing has brought terror rather than safety.

  • Yeah I support defunding the police

    If we wanna see red and white and yes I think that we should have a good time and we should have to let y’all know we have a good time and yes I think that we should have a good time and we should have to let all y’all know we

  • Yes. The system is corrupt.

    The area from which corruption stems, Is mainly police training. The training obviously isn't working, Considering the cases of police brutality (especially geared toward people of color) are insanely high. One topic or instance to take into consideration would be George Floyd's death. The police officer pins the man down (as he technically has the right to) by putting his knee in his neck. This is not in any way ok. The correct way to pin somebody down is by kneeling in between their shoulder blades, Not their neck! Just because George Floyd was suspected "under the influence", Does not give that police officer the right to use the amount of excessive force that he did. Numerous people of different races, Sexualities, And other communities are continuously oppressed by the excessive force stemming from a corrupt police system.

  • Can everyone have a wider point of view?

    To sustain and continue a nation, You have to find that delicate balance and trust between the authorities or people with power to the common people who are governed and protected by those authorities.

    Well, I'm kind of tired so I'll keep this short and simple on my opinion. Defunding the police is a much worse choice than not defunding the police. Sure there are police that abuse there power, But how many use their power correctly. But then you have to look at
    what would happen if you had defunded the police. Crime rates would rise because the police does not have enough funding and equipment to combat crimes.

  • Susan Kent is wrong for Minnesota

    Do not defund the police for it will only lead to more violence. Then the democrats are going to use the extra violence as an excuse to raise our taxes. Democrats are penny pinchers. Always finding a way to make extra dollars and police defunding which will lead to more damage is the perfect way to go. Support our police. Stop Suan Kent.

  • Let me tell you what will happen

    Let's say nationwide police departments get defunded. Some officers will obviously go on strike and criminals will take advantage of this and start robbing and murdering. All this rioting and looting is happening WITH officers on duty. Imagine how bad it would be without. Vote Trump, He's a bad option but Biden is worse.

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