• Support is Questionable

    I do not support because they are associated with the democratic party. If a person wants to support pro life groups, then there are many to support that are not aligned with the democratic party. The group does support life, but all their other views are opposed by conservatives.

  • The pro life stance does not fit in with Democrat ideology

    It does not seem that the Democrat party should fracture its base by trying to win over pro lifers. The issue seems to be leaning towards a pro-choice attitude amongst the American public, and it is unlikely to return. Personally, I prefer the pro choice option and the open involvement of both parents when making decisions, and the pro life stance eliminates too many options that might better care for a baby.

  • No, I do not support

    No, I do not support the Democrats for Life organization. While I believe that abortion is never a positive outcome, I also believe that that decision is best made by the mother and her physician. Each situation is different, and coming up with blanket solutions for abortion is not productive.

  • No, I do not support advocates values of the Democratic Party and is also pro-life, meaning that they want legal protection for unborn children. The legality of abortion has been established in this country and it should be kept as such, as the government should have no say in the matters of abortion, as it should be a decision between a woman and partner and Doctor.

  • Never Been To Site

    As a democrat that isn't tied to faithfully to the part, I have never been to the web-site Obviously, I am willing to admit I may not always be a democrat, I actually wish there were more parties to chose from and more candidates to vote for on election day.

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