• Yes: I Support Edward Snowden's Disclosures

    The knowledge the US government has been spying on us has been around since before Snowden, but Snowden's actions of exposing illegal behavior substantiates what we knew. The value of revealing criminal behavior within the halls of power cannot be underestimated. It is up to US citizens to realize, however, that reform will likely be just a smiling face put over top of more deceptions.

  • Government transparency is critical in a free state.

    While not technically illegal, mass surveillance of innocent Americans is an encroachment of which the public should be aware. Every action of government, to be fundamentally legitimate, must be subject to scrutiny and judgment by the force which empowers the state - the people. National security might necessitate a certain extent of covert action, but there is little justification for the American government's surveillance practices, and the secrecy with which they were and are currently carried out is concerning, to say the least. The government exists as an instrument of the population, and the people's will is not to be surveyed to a fault, A degree of privacy is implicit in the relationship between a free society and the government representing it.

  • Yes I Do

    As an American citizen, I am very thankful for Snowden's actions. I do support his decisions to disclose information about the United States surveillance programs. This is the type of information that should not be withheld from the people of America. The government should not use tax money to run these privacy busting programs.

  • No, I don't support Edward Snowden.

    I do not support Edward Snowden's disclosure of about US surveillance programs. I think that what he did was not only dangerous to the government of the United States of America, but also dangerous to the people as well. I think that he should be punished to the full extent of the law.

  • He went too far.

    At first, I thought I supported Edward Snowden's disclosures about U.S. surveillance programs, but we are now finding out just how far he went. He not only disclosed that we are being spied on, but he also gave away a great deal of our military secrets. He was a spy for Russia.

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