• Yes, I support environmental justice

    Enviornmental justice is a means of protecting our environment, which has no way of protecting itself. Attempts to put a stop to cutting redwoods, mass destruction of rain forests, dumping oil and toxic waste in oceans, etc. are justifiable actions when our natural resources are abused, scarce, endangered, and under the threat of being forever altered without attempts to restore it's natural state.

  • Why Should Corporations Profit at the Expense of My Life, Health, and Enjoyment

    The impetus to pollute lies with those who run very large corporations who are seeking to make a profit, no matter what that profit costs everyone else, including those of us who have to live within smelling/breathing/looking distance of their work. Worse, these corporations often build their plants in places where people don't have the money to fight against their pollution. They don't build them in their own backyards, in their own wealthy neighborhoods. Since I believe that all of us should have the right to be free from pollution, not just those who can pay to live in a clean place, I support environmental justice.

  • yes i do

    yes, i think that if you do something that is going to mess the outdoors up a whole lot then you need to be tried in a court and that you need to be given some sort of harsh punishment for this, since we need to keep all of the nature.

  • Not All Of It

    Environmental justice actually refers to a few different things, so I'm not apt to say I agree with all of it, because when it comes to the political items there are often varying and competing views that we have yet to decide on. When using the term environmental justice it could refer to a social movement or it could refer to the policies, planning, and implementation of environmental policies.

  • It is not justice.

    No, I do not support environmental justice, because environmental justice is just a sly way of using so-called justice to penalize someone who chooses to be prodcutive. Environmental justice would just be a way of taking money out of the hands of people who have done well in the oil industry. The oil barons are not big, bad capitalists. They provide us something we want to buy.

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