• Yes And No

    I support free trade because it allows countries with limited resources to get resources from other places to help their population as well as economy. A downside is that the richer countries can exploit the other countries because they know that they need it. For the most part, it provides for better allocation of resources but it is still very unjustly divided.

  • Free trade allows for more opportunities

    Countries that open their markets grow at a faster pace than the economies of countries that open their markets less or not at all. Free trade encourages labor force specialization and the exchange of goods and services that other countries do better and at lower cost. The specialization leads to more competition and innovation allowing new technologies to produce more.

  • Free trade supports economic growth

    Free trade should be supported. It expands the economy, giving opportunity for all. Those that are opposed are fearful of losing their jobs. However, overall, it expands the economic pie, creating more opportunities. While there is some job displacement, this people can be helped by renewed training for the newly created opportunities.

  • Reduce the opportunity for local entrepreneurs

    There will be no chance for the local brand to compete the international brands like gucci,nike,toyota and more.Eventhough the government said that this will be a good chance to compete with international brands and improve the entrepreneur skills,local entrepreneurs will end up losing their company and just collecting debts because of bankruptcy and failure in promoting their brands.Thus,free trade will reduce the opportunity for local entrepreneurs.

  • Sometimes we trade too freely

    While I want to help those who are less fortunate than myself, I think some of that has to start at home. We buy too much from other countries and make too little here at home. We need to become a country of makers again so that we aren't so dependent on others.

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