Do you support Governor Brown's decision to grant illegal immigrants financial aid for college?

  • Brought Against their will

    These illegal immigrants were brought here against there will and many of them do not know that they are illegal immigrants until they are a teenager. How would you feel if you were a straight a/a+ student and you got into Harvard, needing financial aid, and then you were told that you can't get financial aid because you are here illegally. YOU WERE BROUGHT AGAINST YOUR WILL, YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW.

  • Brought Against their will

    These illegal immigrants were brought here against there will and many of them do not know that they are illegal immigrants until they are a teenager. How would you feel if you were a straight a/a+ student and you got into Harvard, needing financial aid, and then you were told that you can't get financial aid because you are here illegally. YOU WERE BROUGHT AGAINST YOUR WILL, YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW.

  • They Have Two Choices

    Illegal immigrants make up alot of the United States work force in areas such as fast food, agriculture, and construction. They work hard as parents to put their children through college and give them the education opportunities that they never had. It is not their fault that they were born in whatever country they came from, nor is it their fault that their parents decided to illegally come here. They did not decide to come here illegally, their parents did. What they decided to do was to get up and work hard for an education. We have children who are US citizens dropping out of school, doing drugs, and being caught up in crime that they chose to be in. These young adults trying to makes something of themselves need to be given financial aid. They only have two choices; Work hard for a brighter future or work in the fields, sweating everyday and wish they could turn back time and go to college.

  • Thinking ethically, why not?

    Financial aid does not necessarily mean a free ride. If they have put in the work during their high school years then they should at least be able to have some help. Imagine if you were in their position. Things are hard enough as it is for everyone so why not help support your fellow wo/man? If we educate more people and introduce them to new opportunities then there is an increased chance of the entire nation benefiting from a small tax increase - or cut in military budgeting.

  • Equal rights for all!

    Some times those illegal immigrants turn out better than the legal residents of the U.S .These people are hard workers and should be treated with the respect the deserve. They strive for better futures , but cannot proceed without the law's help. You hardly see Hispanics out on the streets asking for help of living as bums. Those bums are mostly legal citizens who have the opportunity to advance with their life's and get a college education and great jobs but yet they throw all that away. A Hispanic with the given opportunity would not waste it,

  • We are all human beings

    Why is it that a certain benefit can be offered to a Caucasian, United States citizen who has been in and out of jail, who has been involved with drugs and gangs. However, it cannot be offered to a Mexican student, who is determined to succeed educationally - and the only issue is that he/she is undocumented. Why is it okay to reject one or the other? It is not.

  • Its every human birthright to have education anywhere in the world...

    Its every human birthright to education anywhere in the world so why not in the most developed country in the world?
    Especially education to woman from develop n under develop world, who come to this country for higher education , n due to circumtance beyond their control are not able to do so.. It will help bring their confidence, and they are more prepared to handle the modern and every changing society.

    Its almost become a necessity than a privilege.

  • They are humans just like everybody else...

    A paper can't determine their potential. Blacks were once struggling to be accepted into the American society, they should get an opportunity as well. Isn't the US about spreading equality among the nation? All people should be equal. Also, it is students who want to continue with their education, not criminals that want to do bad in society.

  • They are people too.

    They chose to come to America for a reason, the promise of freedom. What the opposing side is basically saying is that these people came to a land that promised freedom and also supports a dream of a bright future and now what you are doing is saying that it was just lies.

  • I support Gov Brown's decision because the money is funded on education.

    Educated people is what's going to make this country get back up on its feet due to this bad economy. Education is not bad and it will just lead to America's best point in many years. There will be more jobs once these students graduate and stat opening their own business.

  • Why would you do that?

    They aren't even US citizens. I was born and raised here, but you don't see me getting a collage education for free. As it is when I get out of college I am going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. I'll have a mortgage without earning any equity! Why should an illegal even be allowed to stay here? They should be deported! I don't care that they came over pregnant and had the kid here, kick them all out. This is like the world melting pot for immigrants. Seriously we need to lock down our borders. You don't have the papers then no entry.

  • Deport deport deport

    What should be done is all illegal immigrants and their illegal children should be cut off from any support AND DEPORTED!! Enforce E-Verify and put LEGAL AMERICANS back to work and paying taxes. ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL! ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION OF THESE UNITED STATES!! IMPEACH OBAMA AND ANYONE ELSE IN PUBLIC OFFICE THAT SUPPORTS ILLEGALS BEING HERE AT ALL!

  • Hell no !

    Illegal is illegal, so now were going to support illegal activity in this Country. Figures, it's so broken right now, why not kill it off. Get legal and then go for it. I just think the Governor is out of his mind. Until your going to get legal, get out !!!

  • No I do not.

    I think by giving illegal immigrants financial aid and helping them get to college we are saying it is okay that they did not follow the rules and came to our country without permission. The US is way too lenient with this and needs to put an end to it. That money should go to the citizens who went through alot of pain to get here, not the ones who did not care about our rules and society.

  • No more freebies to law-breakers

    Why don't we give also drunk drivers new Corvettes, and thieves the keys to any house in the neighborhood? As people are dumbed down in this country (become Socialists), they have less understanding of who pays for all of the subsidies. Illegals should pay back all of the health care costs and welfare they have used, then we can revisit the educational subsidy issues.
    I agree that first generation immigrants, legal or illegal, work very hard, but it does not mean that second generation immigrants have the same work ethic.
    Change the 14th amendment so that it can no longer be abused by an organised infestation of ignorant blood-suckers.

  • I don't support giving College Aid.

    I don't support giving college aid to illegal immigrants. However, I support giving them college loans instead. Grants or aids should only be for legal residence or citizens of USA. The aids coming from the government should be reserved for the legitimate taxpayers of this country and not to the illegals.

  • D. Jones I feel that illegal immigrants should not recieve financial aid for a college education.

    The key word here is illegal! How does anyone feel that a person can or should be able to come into another country illegally and recieve the benefits that the country has to offer. I understand that they are hard workers and do not recieve a good pay , I'm a hard worker also and I don't get the pay I deserve either, but I am legal! Everyone is deserving of an education and a better life, all I ask is make them legal and they can get all the financial aid they want and pay back all they get just like we have to do.

  • Bad, bad, BAD idea.

    Number one, we're at a point where we've got enough of these guys already. Number two, as soon as they see we're giving free money to people who jump the fence or sneak on a boat, more of 'em are gonna come. And lastly, what's to stop these guys from blowing it all on dope anyway?

  • You are kidding, of course.

    Basic law of economics: The more you subsidize something the more you get of it. Nothing like increasing the power of the magnet to encourage more illegal immigration. Jerry, you do realize that your state is going bankrupt? This new "entitlement" will not help.

  • No, illegal immigrants shouldn't recieve financial aid for college.

    Yes, we are all immigrants, but legal immigrants. Schools should require birth certificates and SS numbers for all students. Illegal immigrants should be deported, not given financial aid, even if the money is donated. They aren't supposed to be here if they are illegal.

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