• Yes and no.

    I support allows immigrants into our country easier, because right now the prices are ridiculous and the test is too hard for even our own citizens. But I do not want it to be too easy, and I do not want the people who already came illegally to be allowed to stay.

  • We Need To Do Something

    I do support immigration reform because I believe we need to do something rather than ignore the problem. Thus far there has been a large influx of migration into the United States. These people are undocumented and do not pay taxes. I think we either need to send them back (and that would be highly expensive) or allow them in (which would be far easier).

  • Because there should be a limit

    I think that should be a limit on immigration. Once you hit the limit that is it. Look at Europe and Canada they have exceeded the cap. And now are overpopulated with migrants. That is why I support immigration reform. To set limits on how many enter into the country. If it is a reasonable amount no fast track immigration or illegals.

    Posted by: A.37
  • Although not sure what

    It is true that sometimes, the best thing to do is simply to do nothing - people demand action so often in order to feel empowered, rather than that there is a real solution. The immigration issue is important, and the current system doesn't work, but there is no clear better alternative - yet.

  • Something needs to be done

    I think that something needs to be done about immigration. Something new. I do support immigration reform in the hopes that something will be changed for the better. I have nothing against immigrants, I just think that something needs to be done about the large numbers of illegal immigrants coming into this country taking advantage of the system.

  • Reform is badly needed.

    Yes, I fully support immigration reform. Here in the United States we have a very dysfunctional relationship with immigrants. We don't have the workers we need to do all the jobs we have, yet we don't want to let more people in legitimately to do those jobs. And then, we whine about our poor economy. We need reform!

  • There is already a path in place

    The point is to brain drain other countries from their best and brightest, not to serve as the continental brain dump. The industrial age is over, we need people with skills and education, not drop out who multiply like humanity is facing extinction.

    Ther eis already a path in place to allow a limited number of people in. It allows immigrants to be few enough in number to push them to adapt to the new culture thus preserving the beacon that lured them here in the first place. Too many immigrants and this country ends up becoming a replica of the place we came from. You need limited, long term immigration to give the chance for every small wave to settle in and adapt. Too many at once and it creates cultural bubbles which prolonged adaptation and create crime, poverty and overall lower prosperity.

    Posted by: N711

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