Do you support Israel's settlements in West Bank?

  • Israel's settlements in West Bank is justified.

    It is justified for Israel to settle in the West Bank because it is their territory. The Israeli and Palestinians should find a way to cooperate and live together peacefully. The violence should stop because it does not benefit either side. The international community should work harder to establish a lasting peace in the region.

  • Its there land

    The West Bank is Israel's land; there was no group identifying themselves as Palestinian before the 60s, and the Arabs of the West Bank were the same ethnically and culturally as Jordanians. Rather than people looking to Jordan to accept these people, the people use the Palestinians as pawns for political reasons.

  • They have a right to their land.

    Yes, I support Israel's settlements in the West Bank, because they were given the land, and they should have the right to settle there when they want to. God promised in the Bible that whoever blesses Israel he will bless, and whoever curses Israel I will curse. God keeps his promises. Israel should settle where they want and we should all bless them for it.

  • Do you support the British settlement of North America?

    There was already people in North America long before the British came to North America. The french had made peace with these native people yet the British ended up "running them out". We should not now all of a sudden just up and leave North America for actions of the past. That said, we should respect native people and provide them with all the rights a human should have in our modern society, just as Israel should support the rights of individuals living in their land.

  • Yes and no.

    I do not live in Israel so I might not have the same views as the people who and those who will be affected by it. I think the country needs to move forward and do what is best for them though. It is important to put the citizens first.

  • No, Israel has been unfair.

    It is understandable that Israel wants to have its own homeland after the persecution its people have suffered. But the answer can not be to persecute other nationalities of people. The government of Israel could be more fair to the Arabs who have lived on this land for many generations.

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