Do you support Latin America's restrictive abortion laws?

Asked by: komododragon8
  • Either abortion is completely legal or completely illegal

    Let's put away our personal opinions on the abortion topic for a second. Let's say for sake of example that abortion is not murder. In that case there would be no reason for any restriction on abortion and Latin American abortion laws would be oppressive. However, if abortion is murder (and this is the claim of the pro-life movement) then ANY tolerance for abortion would be a tolerance for murder, which in any other context would be ridiculous. In other words abortion can only be completely legal or completely illegal (I will submit that the only exception for abortion from a pro-life stance is a scenario where both the mother's life and the child's life is threatened which is incredibly rare). Now, here is why I support the pro-life movement personally. I believe that there are no significant differences between a fetus in the womb and a baby fresh out of the womb. If there are no significant differences between a fetus and a baby outside the womb, then they are both the same species. A baby is a person. Therefore, if there are no significant differences between a baby and a fetus then a fetus is a person. The only differences I can think of are its size, level of development, level of dependence, and location (if you can find others please share). Size is not a significant enough difference to call a fetus a separate species. Is a 5'' person any less human than a 6'' person? I would think not. Therefore a 1 foot person is not any less human than a 2 foot human. Level of dependence is not significant enough difference because a person who is dependent on something is still a person. Is a person who is on an insulin pump any less human than a person without an insulin pump? Nope. Let me put it another way. Is a baby (outside the womb) who is dependent on his or her mother for life any less human than a fully independent adult? Nope. Level of development is not a significant enough reason to call a fetus a different species. A child with an underdeveloped brain is not less human than an adult with a fully developed brain. Location is obviously not a significant reason to call a fetus a different species. I am no less human if I leave where I am and go to Starbucks. So why is it that a baby suddenly becomes a human after leaving the birth canal? I think that the differences between a fetus and a baby are not significant enough to call a fetus anything other than a person with a right to life. A right to life, by the way, will always trump any other right, real or imagined.

    P.S. When I say these are my personal beliefs, I mean that I am personally convinced that these are objective truths that apply to everyone regardless of their acceptance of it.

  • They go way to far.

    Many countries in Latin America go way to far with their abortion restrictions. They will force victims of rape who are sometimes as young and 11 or 12 to carry their pregnancies to term. This will ultimately have very negative affects on both their bodies as well as their education. They are also doing all this to protect an organism which has a brain less developed than a lab rat which we have no problem experimenting on.

  • Way too far

    Latin American countries go way to far and harm women in the process.

    Women suffering miscarriages are in jail on charges that they somehow brought it upon themselves. Or they didn't try hard enough.

    Women with health issues are forced to maintain the pregnancy. In one case after denied petitions (one ruling stating that the woman would still have health issues after ending the pregnancy, so it was okay to exacerbate them by making her stay pregnant) the international human rights groups had to step in to save a woman's life.

    Honestly, any law that would force someone to use their body to sustain another being is just wrong. Where are the forced blood donation laws? Forced organ donation upon death? Nope, in no other case does society force someone to use their body to keep anyone alive.

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