• We are all skin and bone.

    You claim you are all follower of the catholic church ( molestors of little girls ) or the christian church ( also molestors ) and that homosexuality goes against your religion. But I also bet the most of you masturbate, Have not saved yourself for marriage, Eat meat, And sin more than I can type. If you're gonna follow the bible like that, Follow all of it. And doesn't god say love thy neighbor? Pretty sure being hateful is a sin as well.

  • Why the heck not?

    They are just like everyone else. We don’t deny people rights based on the color of their skin, So why should we discriminate against those whose sexual orientation differs from ours? It doesn’t make any sense. Studies show that gays have about 40 states still discriminated against LGBT members. C’mon, Guys. It’s 2018. Get a grip on the present and stop focusing on ideologies of the past.

  • God means fuck all in the real world.

    Be your own person. These are people. They have done nothing to deserve the hatred they do. Sure, Some are assholes. Don't hate the population because of a small minority's unrelated actions.
    Don't be a twat. Don't deny people things based on an uncontrollable attribute, And don't use that attribute to justify any toxic behaviour.
    Just don't.

  • Yes la la

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  • It's not fair to deny minorities rights, As long as it's not to harm majorities.

    The government should NEVER discriminate against people of other races, Religions, Genders, Sexual orientations or birth nationality. Most conservatives are on the wrong side of history but luckily those who oppose equal rights which are non existent at that time usually are. And finally, 19% of South African adults have HIV/AIDS or something similar. VERY few are lesbian, Gay or bi.

  • Words words words

    Yes words. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • LGBT people just want the same rights as everyone else.

    That's what this is about. It's not about getting extra rights or shoving our gayness in everyone's faces. Almost every no vote I've seen has been against LGBT people having extra rights. It's NOT about that. We do not want extra rights. We just want to be treated like human beings.

  • LGBT people should have equal rights

    We're just people trying to live our lives. We don't want to be discriminated against. No one's trying to get more rights than straight/cis people. Almost every no vote is saying they don't support EXTRA rights for LGBT people. That's not what this is about. It's about LGBT people having the same rights as everyone else.

  • Sooooo who cares

    Honestly the biggest problem I have with people who don't want LGBT people to have rights is that they think that will directly effect them. I'm friends with multiple gay guys and if they decided to get married that doesn't directly effect me in anyway. So in conclusion. . . Who the hell cares what other people do as long as no one is actually injured in the process.

  • We're people too

    Lgbt people deserve the same rights as everyone else. The fact that this even a debate is ridiculous. Any religious arguments you may have are invalid if you think about it, God made everyone in his image even lgbt people, According to many religions god is accepting and everything he creates is perfect. In the bible they never mention homosexuality the only verse that could be linked to it would be ''man may not lay with boy" which could be about pedophilia instead of homosexuality.

  • If everyone was special, No one would be.

    So I want to say LGBTq people are not terrible as a whole. They are human. So some are nice. Some are stupid. Some like cats. Some don't.

    I don't agree with them or their beliefs, But I will tolerate them because, Like I said, Some people are nice and others aren't.

    I am against special gay rights tho. But I'm not against gays, Just I don't believe in what they believe. If everyone had special rights, No one would

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  • One Letter off.

    I am for Lesbians, Gays and Bi as long as they identify with the gender that they are assigned regarding their sex. However, To alter your body and go against how you were made unless there is actually something wrong with you is against nature and to do so would be to destroy something that you should praise and improve instead of completely change it.

    This issue has made womens sports a joke thanks to men who have a physical advantage transitioning into a woman's league. I don't care how hard you train, A male power lifter is simply stronger than a female power lifter.

    Also, As an athlete I was heart broken by the story of the trans wrestler girl who was trying to become a boy. She was put on steroids but stayed in the women's wrestling tournament where she won more than once because she is roided up. How can we be mad at people like Jon Jones for doing drugs when we praise others like the wrestler?

    It's not brave, It's cheating.

  • There to ploraryzinin

    Christian Couple Fined For Refusing Gay Marriage On Their Farm Comes Up With Perfect Solution
    March 26, 2018
    In 2012, Cynthia and Robert Gifford, A Christian couple who owned a farm in upstate New York where marriage receptions were often held, Politely refused to hold a gay marriage on the premises when a lesbian couple targeted their farm as their venue of choice.

    The lesbian couple sued, Prompting a three-and-a-half year legal battle that culminated in the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division upholding a decision by the New York Division of Human Rights in 2014, In which an administrative law judge for the state, Magdalia Pares, Fined the Giffords $10, 000 and ordered them to pay the lesbian couple $1, 500 each.

    In the appeals court ruling, Presiding judge Karen Peters wrote, “The Giffords are free to adhere to and profess their religious beliefs that same-sex couples should not marry, But they must permit same-sex couples to marry on the premises if they choose to allow opposite-sex couples to do so. ”

    But now, The Giffords have created the perfect response to the whole unfair situation: they inform anyone who wants to hold a wedding on their property that they will donate a percentage of their profits to organizations that champion traditional marriage in America.

  • I don't support it. .

    I honestly don't care if you are apart of the LGBT community, I just won't support or vote into giving you rights to cut off your privates and wear lipstick or long wigs. If you want to be homosexual thats alright with me, Just don't try to educate me on how I should live my life. If people want to take down the Confederate Battle flag and ban it in schools then you should also ban other peoples free speech like gay pride. Just common sense if your gonna suppress peoples rights suppress them as a whole.

  • Absolutely not. Why?

    It's really because of what I was taught and how I was raised. Also, I(and lots of others) find it not only disgusting, But immoral. I understand not everybody is religious. I get it. As a traditionalist/conservative I find this intolerable. This is me, I'm not you and you're not me, I understand, But what I really hate is the fact that homosexuals always rub in everyone's faces the fact that they are gay(which is annoying). By the way this is a satanic plot by "the elite". I beg you to research.

  • If they want "equality", Why do they get special rights and exceptions.

    While being LGBT is one thing, It is another to force that ideology on others as many schools are doing. Everyone has equal rights in America which is why it is a great country. It is unnecessary for us to give LGBT people special treatment, Especially if they want to be treated like everyone else.

  • I don't support

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  • What LGBT rights?

    As a note: Personally, I don't care what gender you prefer as long as you keep it to yourself. I also don't care how you dress in your private life as long as you keep it private. I don't like the idea of judging people for who they are but only what they do. That being said. . .
    To the best of my knowledge, Everyone, No matter your race, Color, Gender, Etc, Has the same rights already. If you feel your being discriminated against, You have every right to seek a legal resolution. With that, Do we need special rights for LGBT? Nope.

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