• Yes, it harms more than just the user

    Tobacco is a highly addictive substance that essentially holds its users hostage. In addition to this, men and women who smoke tobacco are causing harm to the environment and to others around them. Secondhand smoke is dangerous, and it isn't fair to subject innocent people to the harms that it causes.

  • No, tobacco use should not be made illegal.

    No, tobacco should remain legal. Individuals should be allowed to enjoy tobacco products that cause harm to only themselves anywhere they choose. However, cigarettes and cigars should be allowed only in an individual's home or on the user's private property. Due to the health risks cigarettes pose, they should be banned on all public properties and in any establishments normally open to the public.

  • No, I do not support making tobacco entirely illegal.

    Tobacco is a harmful drug that affects both smokers and non-smokers, so its use should be controlled by the government. However, as with other mild drugs like marijuana and alcohol, it should not be banned entirely. When its use is confined to places where it does not affect the lives of non-smokers, tobacco should be entirely legal, and stores should continue to sell it to people of appropriate age.

  • People should be allowed to choose whether or not to smoke.

    Banning smoking indoors is a good idea, as it decreases the prevalence of secondhand smoke. However, with that ban in effect, smoking is a choice that largely affects the individual user, and thus should be that user's choice. The United States is based on the protection of individual liberty, and therefore it's not the government's place to scold tobacco users like an angry mother.

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