• Yes, i do.

    I support the Minnesota in electing a pro-Somali Muslim woman. This is because a leader is neither define by their sex nor their religious background. A good leader is defined by her qualities and also actions. Therefore we are not supposed to judge other s or undermine their leadership capability.

  • Let the people elect who they want

    While I may not be comfortable with a pro-Somali Muslim running my state, if the people of Minnesota have elected one, then that should be allowed. That is what democracy is all about. If we start limiting who gets to run, then the people don't really have all their options shown. I do not believe that's what our founding fathers had in mind when they founded our democratic country.

  • Religion Should Not Matter in Politics

    There is nothing wrong with electing anyone of any religion as long as the people of Minnesota see her fit to represent their interests and policies to create a better state for them all, which it seems they have, seeing as they elected her. There should be more diversity in politics anyway so everyone's interests are taken into account instead of a select powerful few.

  • Yes, I do.

    We are a nation of deverse people who do not agree on very much. I think she should be elected becasue she gives voice to marginalized people who would otherwise not be represented. We need to end the whitewashing in our country. Also Somali people should not be controversial right now.

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