• Keep The Net Free

    I believe that the government should take their boots out of our internet. This is a place where free speech should reign free over all and everything. There should be no limitations either, we can only let the internet evolve into what it wants to be. Who knows, there can be some extremely amazing things that could come from the internet as long as we do not restrain it.

  • Yes, net neutrality has become an extremely method of ensuring personal freedoms

    Our world has become more digitized over the past decade, and will only continue to advance in that direction. This new "computer based" existence enables peoples of all ages, creeds, orientations and beliefs the ability to live, learn and advance themselves. The idea that a government should have the power to restrict those freedoms is fundamentally disgusting. If given these over arching powers, it is almost guaranteed that they would be abused, once again exploiting those who most need protection. Net neutrality is an important step to keep this from happening.

  • Yes, No control for isp's

    Yes, net neutrality is necessary to prevent restrictions by cable and phone companies to restrict the things you do on the internet. Let families decide what to control over their own computers at home. Big business can give the internet service, but not control it so it favors some over others. We drive wherever we want on our highways in our cars, so let us have the internet the same way.

  • Most definitely so.

    Net neutrality has kept the United States Internet free and uncensored for years. If Ajit Pai removes net neutrality, it will completely, and I mean completely, destroy the Internet. If you are against net neutrality, you just don't get what it is. Net neutrality is a great thing, and if you don't agree, you're probably unintelligent.

  • The Last Bastion of Freedom

    Net Neutrality is one of the most important policies of our time. If this policy is removed, the whole system of freedoms and liberties will be stripped away one by one, until eventually we will need to purchase access for the websites we want to view.

    Keep the Net Neutral for everyone to enjoy equally, and without limitation!

  • Important for Innovation

    If this goes by, how will people who want to start up a new big thing do so? This will kill the innovation people want to make. We need to stop them from doing this. Or else, we could have protests in the streets and maybe be as bad as the Ukraine. Do you want that? People are very passionate for the internet and they'll go to many heights just to save it. Support Net Neutrality!

  • Net Neutrality All The Way!

    I support Net Neutrality to the fullest because it protects free speech by restricting big cable companies from slowing down or blocking websites. It gives everyone fair access to websites they choose to see online. If the current rules were thrown out, cable companies could dictate what you can say and see online.

    Posted by: S.K
  • The Great Divide

    Net neutrality is important because it allows all the same information be available to people of many different social classes. If the internet is filtered by ISP's then we will all have to pay more to access the same content we can access now. Social class will determine your access to information. Please support net neutrality.

  • Absolutely Yes.

    The internet is a free world that is open to all. We should never be restricted by government in our use. It is ours, and we must keep it that way. Net Neutrality is central to this. People's lives are shaped by the internet, and putting it under government control would eventually give the power to the government.

  • It's not what it seems

    Net neutrality would censor and limit free speech. Net neutrality allows the government greater powers of surveillance over citizens and allows internet companies to discriminate against their subscribers. I do not support net neutrality at all and believe that it is just another way to limit free speech and access on the internet.

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