• Should we normalize relations with Cuba

    Of course we should. Give the Cuban people commerce, exposure to democracy. A higher standard of living, and they will solve their own problems with the Castros. AND communism. It would be inevitable that a people soaked in poverty and depridation, in such a small place wouldn't want something better once they know for sure there is better out there. Worked in Russia didn't it?

  • It is a fun vacation destination.

    Yes, I support normalizing relations with Cuba, because it would be a very fun place to go on vacation. Cuba is a beautiful place, and it would be a fun place to go on vacation if it were a possibility. We could inject a lot of tax dollars into the Cuban economy, and that would make life better for the people in Cuba. Tourism to the country would be very popular, and things would be better for both countries.

  • Let the bygones be the bygones!

    It is time to move on. People need to learn to forgive and forget. Holding grudge is something that is holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest (or at all) and to advance in economy. If we had better school system people would understand more but that is for different debate. :)

  • It couldn't be a bad thing to have an extra ally

    Cuba is only a few miles away from the coast of Florida, it's time we set aside past differences and started working together. They're one of the closest countries to America, so it'd be great if Cuba and America opened their doors to each other. My family is from Cuba, yet I have never been able to see it. I would love to visit where my family is from.

  • It's time we work together as regional partners.

    In today's global economy when goods and services are no being cross internationally we need to open up as many commercial avenues as possible. The cold war is done and over with. We should move past this and establish an embassy in Cuba. This will help deal with the immigration debate, as well improve the United State's standing in the world as a diplomatic power.

  • Yes I do.

    I do support normalizing relations with Cuba. I think there are so many more severe problems out there these day, and we need all the friends we can get. I think that there is no longer a good reason to have such poor relations with Cuba. No good reasons at all.

  • Yes I don't think it hurts

    I don't have a problem with at least trying to normalize realtions with Cuba. If you have an enemy in the world it can only bring bad things. If you have a friend in the world there are more positives then negatives from it. So we could use all the friends we can get.

  • The issues with Cuba were old

    Yes, I do support the normalizing of relationships with Cuba. I understand the issues of the past with Cuba, but that is exactly what it was, the past. There is no reason why we cannot at least try to have relations with this country. We tend to work with other countries that have done the United States wrong in the past, so why not with Cuba?

  • The Time Has Come

    I believe it is time to normalize relations with one of our closest neighbors, Cuba. The problems America had with this country are in the past and there does not seem to be a threat of recurring problems in the future. I believe Cuba and the United States would both benefit from this.

  • Should we let Castro win all the sudden?

    Normalizing relations with Cuba would be like accepting communism, which America doesn't stand for. After all these years, and now that we are so close to democracy, are we just going to give up and let Castro win? He is an oppressive dictator which the US shouldn't go around acting like we are buds with. It would be a slap in the face to all the Cubans who worked so hard for democracy against the regime of Castro.

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