Do you support Obama? (Please state if you are a liberal or conservative, etc.)

Asked by: Lordgrae
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  • I am a liberal.

    Some of Obama's policies are wonderful: prochoice, prohealthcare, worker's rights, women's rights, ethnic equality, pissing off cons, ha ha I love that, but he is a raving hypocrite that needs to stop whining about Bush Jr. When HE DOES THE SAME MOTHER ****ING THING. I told him that on Twitter two, and I think that is why my one account was suspending. I WAS JUST BEING HONEST, MR. OBAMA!

  • I voted for him twice; I Regret that decision; NO WAR in Syria!

    Why do I oppose him? Syria. Seriously, Obama are you an idiot? There is plenty of evidence contesting if Assad even used chemical weapons (though I don't doubt that he would) and then evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the rebel groups. Furthermore, rebel groups have targeted Christians. The "Al-Nusra Front" has been called "the most aggressive and successful arm of the rebel force." By helping to arm the rebels we could be promoting Al Qaeda. Direct military intervention could lead to an election that puts extremists in power and creates a Talibaneque regime in Syria similar to what happened after we helped Afghanistan against the Soviets.

    Obama please use your head. You were so good on so many other things and now you are helping our enemies in the name of humanitarianism.

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