Do you support Officer Darren Wilson (YES) or the Ferguson, MO Protests (NO)?

  • Don't argue with or charge a cop and you won't have a problem

    I fully support officer Wilson. I thank God he was not charged and may God bless him and his family. If thugs stayed in the house and read books or find out what a library is , then they won't have a problem. How many thugs do you see in a library or bookstore?

    Officer Wilson did what he had to do to save his life on the job. All Police have a family to make it home to.

  • There is very little evidence to justify a trial.

    The bottom line is the evidence supports the officer's testimony that 1) he was assaulted and 2) there was a struggle for his weapon. This was demonstrated through his facial bruise and gun residue in the car. In addition the "victim" had already lost credibility when he robbed the store and the toxicology found he was high during the incident. Most importantly, the prosecution had many key witnesses with conflicting testimonies, and most them finally admitted their stories were fabricated. There was no case.

    I am trying to find reasoning for why we should punish this officer. In this country, the burden of proof is high. Given this evidence a conviction would never occur, not should it. This entire case is just a witch hunt created by activists looking for an angle.

  • The riots are, under no circumstances, justifiable.

    I can respect the idea that citizens have the constitutional right to freedom to assemble and petiton. If they are exercising these rights in a positive manner, all the more power to them. However, the riots are inexcusable and insulting to Michael Brown and his family. Not only did people loot a few stores, people were taking baseball bats to storefront windows, throwing rocks/bottles at people and officers, setting fire to police vehicles and public property, and firing guns/using rebellious words to incite uprisings (which aren't protected by the First Amendment). These are not the acts of frustrated people acting out against Wilson not being indicted; these are the acts of opportunists seeking attention and meaning to provoke more frenzy.

    Aside from the non-violent protests, which I agree are an acceptable method to produce change, I disagree that this is a racial case. Yes, there are clearly racial issues in America, but this case was made into one by those seeking to make Wilson the face of racism in this country. The fact of this matter is that all the physical evidence supports that Brown got into a physical altercation with Wilson, ran away, turned, and then charged back at him. What else was Wilson supposed to do besides defend himself from a much large and much stronger man? I disagree with those that say that this was an injust process. Yes, the Ferguson PD, the governor, and other officials have handled things incorrectly throughout this time, but this can't be pinned on one man. The truth of the matter is that everything tangible seems to suggest the aforementioned pieces of the case and ALL the evidence, which has not been released to the public yet, was considered by a jury of people from all demographics and socio-economic ranges from Ferguson. Who is it for the public, who have not been privy to this information yet, to say a man is guilty before proven innocent? The justice system in America isn't broken; people just do not like the results and therefore have the right to make this vocal in a nonviolent manner.

    Lastly, my condolences do go out to the Brown family. What happened is tragic, but it's also not acceptable for an exception to be made to a criminal who robbed a store, assaulted a cop, and then charged back at said cop. I'm not saying Brown was a horrible person, but he clearly made multiple mistakes that day that eventually led to this situation. Brown supporters will throw a heap of excuses as to why Brown is innocent, but the fact of that matter is that anyone, regardless of the color of their skin, that attacks a police officer is subject to the officer retaliating with force in self defense.

  • I support the protests, not the riots.

    I support the protestors who are exercising their constitutional right to peacefully assemble and protest. I do not, however, support the rioting and looting and violence. I am against any violence in the matter, as it defeats the whole purpose of the protests. Justice for Mike Brown does not mean a lack of justice for those who call for it.

  • Without violence does anything get noticed?

    Michael Brown created his own destiny, his community are taught to fear and distrust the police. Some black communities are socially and economically at a disadvantage. Raised in a violent culture with black on black homicide rates are much higher for this to be only a racial issue.

    Forget about race. Ferguson needs to-be a flourishing community. Families, community leaders, education and drugs all need to-be reformed. Leading with anger and outrage isn't enough. The media shouldn't be afraid to report discrimination. Conservatives should learn to address these issues instead of believing blacks are criminally prone and are at the mercy of their leaders like slaves.

    Police, local government, and national guard should have been coordinated as speculations of riots were eminent. James Eagan Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner, Ted Kaczynski, and Timothy McVeigh were all "murders" and arrested nonviolently.

  • As has been said, the protests, not the riots.

    There are dozens of protests all over America that are peaceful and nonviolent, but of course CNN is focusing on the few looted stores and broken windows in Ferguson instead of those. I believe wholeheartedly that Darren Wilson should have been indicted and appreciate the brave souls that are exercising their constitutional right to peaceful protest to get justice for Michael Brown.

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