• Kyle was defending himself and the town

    Kyle is a 17 year old boy. He was working as part of the militia and stopping people from looting and burning down stores. He did shoot 3 people but it was all so caught on camera that the two people he killed where trying to kill him. One of the men he killed pulled a gun out on him when he fell down, But he missed and Kyle shoot him. The second man he killed throw a Molotov at him so Kyle shoot him in the head. The gun that Kyle had was legal for a boy his age, It wasn't an automatic gun either, It was a semi auto hunting riffle that a boy his age could own. He also turned himself in and was charged with double homicide. These are all the facts you need to know, Btw I'm 12 and I'm smarted then all of you liberals

  • He is a hero and if you don't agree is guilty of nothing more than self defense.

    Youtube videos capture clearly he was running with BLM/Antifa attackers in pursuit. One made a move and broke off, Another attacked him with a skateboard to the head (deadly weapon), Another moved in with a Glock in his hand (later said he wished he had killed him. At least two attackers were felons and Rittenhouse a minor who loves police and was there to protect business owners at their request is charged with homicide while the two felons are not charged? Not much rational thought on the part of those vilifying Rittenhouse without any facts to support their claim. I'll go further. . . Most of the people wishing Rittenhouse had been killed are the same people who support violent Antifa and BLM anarchists who are torching buildings, Businesses, Toppling statues and urging the killing of our police.

  • He deserves mercy and heroism

    You saw what happened. He was trying to protect a car dealership and someone got violent with him over it and he defended himself by shooting. If I was being ran down by a hundred angry people that wanted to murder me, I'd probably shoot them no matter what their skin color was. He was trying to protect himself and he isn't trying to play victim or get away with it. He deserves to be recognized as a hero. Not a murderer. He knows that the country can't live without small business just like the other republicans.

  • I support Kyle Rittenhouse

    Kyle Rittenhouse was helping repair the damage caused by the far-left Antifa and BLM rioters. When some of the rioters began attacking Kyle, One of them a pedophile, And mockingly the teenage boy to shoot them, He did just that and defended himself, Likely saving his life. He did nothing wrong.

  • He is no hero

    He was filmed repeatedly hitting a girl with his fists earlier before during daytime. Why did he keep doing that?
    He first killed a shirtless man that was chasing him for an unknown reason and that was what cause more people to chase after him because he was trying to flee. He killed 2 more people and then turned himself in because he knew that he was recorded.
    I bet he never would have turned himself in.

    That was wrong. He seemed to be looking for and causing violence. There were other people with guns and they did not shoot people that night. I believe that Kyle really wanted to go kill people and he got his wish. At of all the actual militias defended placed Kyle fired first his gun to kill. A child could have even been hit by one of his stray bullets. I hope he spends his life in jail.

  • Murderer not hero

    He deserves to be imprisoned for life. He is not a hero he is a murderer he was clearly looking for trouble coming from Illinois to Wisconsin. He claims he was there to defend businesses of who people he doesn't know. He know that there would be people there he didn't agree. People for him to kill. That is what he did he killed two unarmed people he claimed to be attacking him. And that he was in fear of his life. How can you be in fear of your life when you have a riffle and the other two are unarmed. Instead of playing police he should stayed home and kept playing CoD

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