• I support organ donation.

    The need for a new organ can make the difference between life and death. While medical necessity increases on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis, the amount of cures and aids to alleviate this need are depleted exponentially as well. There are instances where the only cure is a new organ, and the organ-needed list is multitudes longer than the organs-available list.

  • Yes I support organ donation

    I think organ donation is the noblest cause and it teaches us the lesson of humanity...Every year there are 100 of peoples who are dying due to organ failures...So if we can help them without any major harm to our body so..We should help them

  • Yes, I support organ donation.

    I think organ donation is a great thing. There are so many people who are very sick and dying because they need a new kidney, liver, etc. When a person becomes brain dead but their body is still alive, their organs are also still healthy and functioning. I think if an organ can save the life of someone else it should be donated if the person who the organ belongs to has no chance of recovery.

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