• They should absolutely have rights

    They should absolutely have rights! Who created this stupid debate? Everyone should have rights. Pedophiles should have the right not to have sex with children, But they should have all of their human rights. This is my beliefs and I know they may seem controversial, But that is what I think.

  • Equal rights for everyone

    Of course pedophiles should have rights. They can't control it if you shun and ostracize pedophiles your part of the problem pedophiles need hot lines and therapy we should show compassion to all no matter how they where born and of course they should have basic human rights! Rights for all!

  • Fbi open up

    Pedos belong in one place, And one place only.
    Starts with a P and ends with a N.

    Let me spell it out for you.

    P R I S O N



  • H ell fu cking no

    Pedos need to understand what an attraction to pre-pubsecent children actually means. It means you like LITTLE KIDS. EW! WHY should that ever be accepted? Kids do not have the capacity to consent to something like sex. By law, You will be stuck with your fantasies and drawings, Or you will act on your attraction with real kids and go to the slammer. GET THERAPY

  • We should never support paedophile rights

    Most paedophiles are dangerous, Calculating. Most premeditate. They think about how they are going to groom children in order to take away children's innocence, And allow them easily to engage in sex. Children will see it normal to have sex with others because they have already become desensitized. I am also trying to stop the ridiculous notion that all paedophiles are naturally sexually attracted to children [sexual orientation]. There are those online viewing the vilest type of child abuse one could imagine. Many of these will be married men. Many are having affairs with adults, And so the theory that a paedophile's sexual preference is that of children only is wrong. We should never normalise paedophilia, It is 'abnormal. ' Most of the paedophiles viewing online can stop. They choose to view it because it is easily accessible to them; because of social breakdown in society, Because they are criminals, Because they are violent individuals. All Paedophilic behaviour is abnormal and scars children for life. I am a survivor of sexual abuse from complete strangers since the age of 4.

  • They are scum

    There are no words or logic or reason to even defend pedos
    That is not love that is stalking and manipulation and abuse
    Children are harmed by that and will forever remained damaged and broken.
    You are monsters and scum that hide among humans but are always plotting and scheming on a target.

  • Are you mad?

    Pedophilia was not considered sexuality for a VERY long time so why would it now? It is absolutely disgusting and just not normal. A child is not ready for sex because of his physical conditions. And if the child is being forced to be sexually engaged its just WRONG (this might be on the other topic but yeah this might happen). So no pedophilia was not a sexuality ever and it should not be.

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