Do you support people disabling comments on YouTube or any website that has the option?

  • Nothing to do with rights or cowardice

    I've disabled comments on one video, once, not to stop people from "challenging" any message, there wasn't any. It was simply a recreational video. The comments it received in the main were stupid, irrelevant, obnoxious and simply annoyed me, and I got tired of it. I *refuse*, point blank, to give up the right to free myself of that, and I just do not care if you think I SHOULD or not. You DO have the right to express yourself, but that right does NOT extend to my having to listen to that expression. If I think that right is being misused, I reserve the right to distance myself from it. I generally agree that comments are worthwhile, though unfortunately, most people are NOT commenting to further freedom of expression, or contribute, or forge a sense of community. They're simply using the forum as their personal stage for a private, selfish agenda. That's fine too, they do have the right to do that, but they don't have the right to hijack someone else's attention to do so - it may not be in any Bill of Rights but I do believe in a right to privacy and a right to opt out. I'm entitled to free myself of annoying commercial communications and spam, so why not personal communications if they've proven to be of low value, at least of low value to me? I DO have that right. You DON'T have the right to force me to hear what you have to say. You can put it out there, but I don't owe you the time of day. And not on my personal Youtube channel just because it's currently a fad to stick a comments section on every page on the internet and call it "community". Self-aggrandisement is not that, whatever it is. Frankly I find the great bulk of "social media" ANTI-social - it's selfish, useless, and its one and only value is the writer's right to make it. Well, good for them, but I'm still entitled to switch it off. So, if I want to, I will.

  • It is a global right

    This is similar to owning land, anything can be done as long as it is within the confines of the law. This is similar to a youtuber disabling comments, because his channel/videos are his domain, he has the right to be able to control it as he wishes within the confines of Youtube's rules.

  • Has nothing to do with free speech or stopping people from expressing themselves.

    It is cowardly, but there is nothing wrong with cowards.

    If you don't want the subject of your video to be debated for anyone that sees the video to see alongside the video itself you probably think it will undermine the message of your video.

    Free speech is only curtailed if people stop you from expresing yourself. But giving people the option to comment is simply helping(!) them express themselves. Not giving people to option to comment is like "not helping them to express themselves". But nowhere in free speech laws is it stated that anyone is entitled to help with expressing themselves. You are perfectly free to try and build your own platform.

    Not enabling comments = not helping people to express themselves = not helping people to use their free speech right != stopping people to express themselves != stopping people to use their free speech.

    ("!=" means "not equal")

  • It is a cowardly but acceptable thing to do.

    Much like private property, there is no right to keep you somewhere if the owner does not like what you say.

    It stifles discussion and makes it appear as though you are preaching to the choir, but it unfortunately can be done. Good luck on getting people to like you or take you seriously when it comes to discussion though.

  • Hear me out, some of you nay-sayers might not completely disagree.

    I think a lot of people that disable their comments do it for the wrong reasons, they do it to silence people that disagree, and stop conversation from happening. This is messed up, and people shouldn't do it, because nothing production generally comes from it. The alternative to this, is people turning on the comment approval choice, which is also just as (if not) worse of a thing to do, due to the echo chamber it could create.

    However, some people have reasons to disable comments, personal or otherwise. The Obama White House for example. They disabled comments on all videos, even non-political videos like Hamilton at the White House, and it makes sense, because if they didn't, people would flood the comments with things that had nothing to do with the video. When it comes to just normal people making YouTube videos and blocking the comments, I'm sure some of them have done it for a good reason- now I'm not going to make up some random reason, nor am i going to search the internet for people that have been like "hey I turned off comments for (enter valid reason here)." but I'm sure those people exist.

    Overall (or a TL;DR) I think people should have to enter a reason why they're blocking comments (or turning on comment approval) and have some sort of system where comments -either on that video or on previous- videos are scanned to see if their reason checks out. (i.E. A person's comment section is flooded with comments about their body, voice, etc. on a video that has nothing to do with it)

  • But it seems cowardly

    People can do whatever they want based on the setup of whatever platform.

    But it seems kind of silly. Disabling votes, particularly when you are doing it due to a history of negative feedback and rebuttal. It is a free platform, but it is supposed to be a platform for feedback and discussion as well as presentation.

    So, while I support the idea of people doing what they want to do, I would see it in most cases as pretty cowardly. I have seen far too many where they are presenting ideas that they are SAYING need to be discussed, but then proceed to shut down comments and rating to give the illusion that their ideas are better than they are.

  • This infringes freedom of speech.

    Like any form of social media, disabling YouTube comments is a cowardly act because Internet forms a new kind of panel discussion and public debate, unlike the preceding forms of communication such as telegram, telephone, or even sending all participants in a venue. If possible, the liberty of such person could undermine his character and while it is debatable whether spams and hate comments are subject to libel or defamation, the comments may help or hurt his reputation.

  • Freedom of speech

    You're infringing on that person's freedom of speech because you didn't like what they said, while ironically using your freedom of speech to publish the video. It's a double standard and people shouldn't be able to silence others because they didn't like something they said about their video. It's cowardly.

  • It shows cowardice.

    Lets start off by looking at the question, "Do you support people disabling comments on YouTube or any website that has the option?" I believe that because Youtube and other sites are personal businesses, not owned or run by the government, so legally it does not infringe free speech to disable comments.

    BUT it is still a shifty thing to do, and just shuts up opponents. It shows lack of character, confidence, or trustworthiness. No matter how legal, it is morally bad.

  • No, it prevents people from expressing themselves

    I do not support this. People who do this are blocking the entire world from giving their opinion on the given topic or content. The whole purpose of social media is to interact with other people through the Internet and the websites that have the opinion are contradicting what their website is for. As protected by the first amendment, we should have the right to say what we need to say, whether it be in real life, or through the Internet. If people are getting cyberbullied or trolled over the Internet because of the content they share, then they should block those people. It is a much better idea to block only the people that are at fault than it is to block the entire world from commenting on a person's content. As people, we have opinions that need to be expressed and depriving us of that all because one doesn't take the time to block the specific users causing problems can be very frustrating.

  • Its normally people with poor videos who do it.

    In my experience 9/10 times people who disable their comments or ratings are ones who make troll, Clickbait or really poor quality videos and wastes other people's time. I think most of them know they are uploading crap. Yet they having got the balls to take the comments or the low like to dislike ratio.

    Other culprits of doing this are the really cringey SJW videos who have 2000 dislikes to 1 like. . And they disabled their comments because their snowflake minds just can't take the reality that they just suck.

  • But only on video’s when there is no viable reason to do it

    Some people do it because they believe they’re video’s are bad and don’t want to hear people critisizing them.
    Or because they’re making mean/racist jojes about the video etc.

    But when it’s a video with no visible reason at all, it shouldn’t be allowed, or they could at least say in the description why they disabled them. It really irritates me (and I know i’m not the only one) when that’s the case. What if you intend on complimenting the person saying their video was great? It just don’t get it.

  • It prevents people from expressing themselves

    It prevents people from expressing themselves
    No freedom of information
    lack of transparency
    lack of discussion which educates people
    communicating is an important tool for people to learn new things
    how does blocking words help people?
    What do we gain from not being allowed to show our opinion?
    Why are we not allowed to express ourselves?

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Batman2113 says2017-07-10T04:47:45.577
Aren't you just silencing their freedom of speech when you delete their comments? You were able to take advantage of your freedom of speech by making the video on YouTube, so I don't see why one couldn't give their opinion on the video.
Batman2113 says2017-07-10T04:51:53.147
Sorry thought this wa the opinion thing lol, I'm kinda new to this website.
Choicedd says2018-03-30T06:40:36.700
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