• Yes I do.

    I do support public service broadcasters. They are a vital thing in today's media and without them, many people would not get the information that they need. Most of the information that they broadcast is readily available on the Internet, but there are still many people out there who would rather hear it than read it.

  • Have to get the message out

    Most public service broadcasters bring important information that people should know. It is not all riddled with propaganda like what many politicians messages are. I am not sure how much attention people pay to public service broadcasters these days, but it must be enough people to keep them around. The more forms of communication, the better.


    I always support and donate to Public Service Broadcasters. Without them we would have one less opinion and one less voice out there. Not to mention they provide benefits such as educational programming and don't create content just for the sole purpose of ratings. Public Service Broadcasters also inspires and exposes people to the fine arts. I feel it is money well spent and will continue to support Public Service Broadcasters.

  • It can be good

    There is a lot of discussion throughout recent history as to whether or not there can ever seriously non partisan or objective new source, but there is certainly a chance that the news source can get close. Public broadcasters provide a valuable service, and, ultimately, do end up benefiting society.

  • Yes, I support public service broadcaster.

    I definitely support public service broadcasters. I think that while the type of programs and formats that these broadcasters use are a bit outdated for today, it still does have some use. I think that the Internet though has made something like public service broadcasting a bit irrelevant and useless.

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