• Some guy stole my lawnmower

    My WYSE security camera picked up a black guy breaking in my house and stealing my stuff, I should be compensated for it, Now my grass is too tall and I have no mower. We should tax only men to cover reparations, Since most theft and crime is committed by men, That would be fair.

  • We knows who pays

    Blacks worked for generations in slave labor. Their children and their children's children for no pay. Most southerners did not own slaves and the real culprits were the plantation owners. They owned hundred of slaves and so many acres. They became so rich and wanted to maintain the status quo. Lincoln wanted to divide the land from the plantation owners as reparations, Not just to black people but to poor white folk as well. They killed him and the same people owned the land.
    The black people were freed but they were treated unequal in every way. They were paid less and made to fail. Only a few black people are allowed to prosper as long as they comply. Look at cointelpro. It was created to prevent smart black people and minorities from rising up. The documents are declassified and no one cares what they did.

    Who would pay reparations? Richard Spencer. He is a descendant from plantation owners and he owns huge land. He is a welfare king because the government pays him money not to farm. All of them still make money doing nothing. People could use that land but they do not want to see anyone prosper. A huge majority of them are the real racists.
    I am surprised that after losing the civil war the people still want to follow Spenser even though he does nothing for them and makes more money asking for donations.
    Reparations will not effect you because it is not your fault it is the fault of them. You can trace their family tree and find the racists. The apple does not fall far from the tree. I know in my heart they will never allow it to happen and any person that tries to do the right thing will be silenced by them.
    I want to do something but what can I do? I have no power

  • Its completely insane.

    First off how will we know who pays reparations is it anyone with over half European blood. That won't work because most Europeans like the Irish, Slavs, Austrians, And Nordic never had slaves. So is it anyone with ancestry to a European ethnicity that had slaves? That won't work either because many Europeans that are English, French, Spanish, Ect came after slavery. Then is it anyone related to a slave holder even if they are barley related. The last thing is that if we do reparations you are punishing people who had nothing to do with slavery, But because their great great great grandfather had slaves makes them evil and take their money for something they never did. If we punish people for their ancestors slavery lets make Arabs and Berbers pay for their slavery of both Europeans and Africans, But ya won't cause only Europeans are racist. Never mind the fact that Europeans didn't capture the Africans and enslave them they bought African slaves from African Kingdoms.

  • This is too funny to be true. This is completely ridiculous.

    First off, Slavery ended in 1865 which is more than a century in the past which means that the reparations won't even go to people who were in slavery. I understand the president Ronald Reagan gave reparations to people who were interned in Japanese Internment Camps. But, He only gave them to people who were interned rather than giving the $20, 000 to relatives. That $20, 000 would be worth about 61, 699. 51 due to inflation. The United States debt is at about 22 trillion dollars now. The problem with reparations is that they aren't the best way to get people ahead in society. The best way to do so is through education. The average wage for someone with a bachelors degree is approximately $80, 000. For someone with a masters degree, That number rounds up to approximately $100, 000. One way we could do this is to invest the same amount of money for students in impoverished neighborhoods as we would for students who go to school in wealthier neighborhoods. This helps blacks more than giving them reparations for two reasons. First off, Reparations would do nothing but increase the National Debt. The second reason is that this would be the cure and not the bandage(a reparation would get burned off after spending and it wouldn't help get them ahead in our Capitalist society). The best thing to do is ensure quality public schools in areas of need.

  • That's completely ridiculous.

    Should we be responsible for our past generations? No. I believe if you can't control what happend then you shouldn't be held accountable. It's just completely unfair to be blamed for what your family did in the past. Should we blame fat people for making themselves fat? Oh, No! Of course not, That'll just hurt their feelings! But if you want to blame someone for being related to a family for owning slaves in the past then you're evil and need to pay up! Ridiculous.

  • Who pays who?

    This clearly deals with the injustice of slavery but that ended in 1865 over 150 years ago. This means that both the offenders and victims are long dead. Every descendant of both sides played no part in slavery nor did they have any control over who their ancestors were. To justify ill treatment based on genealogy is the same thing that slave owners back then tried so would it be any more fair now?

    I get that the average wage for black people tends to be lower than whites. Thing is, You also have many black people who have had great success in all areas including business, And politics. What I think may be the issue is that some people have used slavery as an excuse not to try. Why work to get that promotion/raise when I won't get it anyway? Clearly, Many of the black successful people did not use this excuse but tried anyway and got there. If a black person can become president, How can you blame slavery on your own lack of success?

    If, For some reason, It was proposed and passed. Who exactly should pay who? Should all white people pay? Fact is, Most households, Even in the south didn't own any slaves and in many states like the one I grew up in didn't have any. Our state even fought against the south in the Civil War. My earliest immigrant ancestors didn't even get to this country until long after the Civil War was over. Seeing that the vast majority of white people didn't even have a slave owner in their ancestry, Why should they owe money to slaves? If anything, They are owed for helping free them. A simple "thank you" will suffice as I don't think they would expect payment.
    Should all black people get paid? Fact is, Many black people also have white ancestors as there are many claims that masters and slaves had relations both with and without consent. There have also been many interracial couples since then. This is not to mention that it was mostly native Africans who captured slaves. Contrary to the popular scene that is depicted in the 1977 min-series "Roots" if a group of white men went into the African jungle to capture slaves, They would be more likely to bring out their own dead if any survived. Does this mean we should include black people who immigrated after the Civil War in the people who pay?

    Personally, I hope the democrats run on reparations. Tho it may get them more votes in the south, It would also cost them many votes in the north as many white people would feel no obligation to pay for something that is not their fault.

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