Do you support Salt Lake City police for the way they handled the Abdi Mohamed situation?

  • Salt Lake City handling of Abdi Mohamed seems appropriate

    The Salt Lake City police seems to have acted appropriately in its handling of the Abdi Mohamed situation. The police had very little time to assess the situation. Although it turned out he was not armed, he was using a broom as a weapon. He did not appear to have any intention of stopping, despite the presence of officers.

  • No, I disagree.

    I do not agree that the SLC police officers were correct in the way they handled the situation with Adbi Mohamed. Multiple accounts were made that Mr. Mohamed was warned to drop a broomstick he was holding, and then immediately shot in the chest and stomach. Multiple accounts were also made that the SLC police officers came in on foot with weapons already draw.
    The police training in America is a disgrace and should never be solved with firearms first unless the police officers are fired upon.

  • Cops Wronfully Shoot Teen

    According to a witness, the cops did not take the appropriate time to assess the situation between Abdi and the other participant of the fight. I understand that cops have the experience to decipher when duns need to be used and when they are unnecessary. In this situation, the cops did not proceed with caution. Even though Abdi did resist arrest, there was absolutely no reason for him to have been shot three times.

  • Support the Police in Abdi Mohamed Case

    I do not necessarily support the Salt Lake City police for the way they handled the Abdi Mohamed situation. I think different means could have been taken in order to apprehend him instead of gun fire. Although, I am not a police officer and I do not know what it is like for someone to come at me with brute force, I do not think it was necessarily fair for the police to bring a gun to a broom fight.

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