• They are just like everyone else

    Yes in the bible it says that being gay is wrong, but God made them like that. If you aren't supporting gays, you aren't supporting God (in my mind). And imagine a flamboyant guy dating a girl... It doesn't look natural!! They are just like everyone else and deserve to have the same rights as anyone

  • Bisexual and Christian

    I'm a Christian and I must say I find myself more attracted to women then men. I do admit I find some men cute or handsome, but I feel less odd when it comes to being attracted to women. Personally, I believe God, being as caring as he is, can overlook something stated wrong thousands of years ago. And I also must say that "it's an abomination" is an over-reaction even for homophobes.

  • What is the problem?

    1. Same sex marriage is not harming anyone.
    2. Same sex marriage does not produce negativity (except for homophones). But instead positivity through the happiness of a marriage union.
    3. Equal rights
    4. I hope I don't offend, but religion is not an entirely proven phenomenon, and even so, many biblical passages such as Romans 8:38-39 describe God as all-loving.

  • I Support Same-Sex Marriage!

    I support same-sex marriage because I feel that because one person is attracted to the same sex doesn't make them any different as a person than you. It is our choice who we want to love and it shouldn't be held against us. What goes on in our home is our business. As far as depriving children of a mother or a father role model, that is invalid because in a same-sex relationship, one person is bound to be the feminist and the other the opposite. So they aren't deprived it is just in another form.

  • I support same sex marriage

    I support same sex marriage because i think that if you love someone of the same sex and that person makes you happy then you can marry that person ..Because even if your gay you still have rights people dont support gay marriage and think they should not get married but they have the right to marry any one they want .Even a killer has rights ..Its not like being gay causes harm to anyone

  • Marriage Does Not Have to Be Religious

    Marriages can be performed in a secular civil ceremony or a religious one. Therefore, even if most Christians keep quoting Leviticus 20:13 in your face and "nyehh the book that was written by people 2000 years ago says so" homosexuals can still have the rights to marry without having to cross paths with the secret club "no homos allowed" of the Christians. Please do not push your beliefs onto others if it would deny them equal treatment or harm. It is fantastic that you have a religion, and it is definitely okay to be proud of it but your beliefs should never directly affect other people. Your beliefs do not define how anyone else should act and you should respect that.

  • I support it!

    I support same sex marriage because I am myself gay and I do have girlfriend and we are great having no problems. We started as great friends in school and suddenly became into each other and I wouldn't trade this love for anything else. We get called names and put down but all we do is smile and wave.

  • I say yes.

    . Same sex marriage is not harming anyone.
    2. Same sex marriage does not produce negativity (except for homophones). But instead positivity through the happiness of a marriage union.
    3. Equal rights
    4. I hope I don't offend, but religion is not an entirely proven phenomenon, and even so, many biblical passages such as Romans 8:38-39 describe God as all-loving.

  • There's nothing wrong with it.

    Only reasons against are due to religious beliefs and that's all... People should stop pushing their noses into someone else's business! Just because you personally don't like it, doesn't mean it's wrong and should be banned. So many people would be happy if they could get married, yet I hardly doubt somebody would cry and be sad over it. Think to yourself, what happened in when gay marriage was legalized in some of the Stats? People who disagreed said it was a sad day for America and went on with their lifes. NO CATASTROPHIC EVENT HAS HAPPENED YET BECAUSE TWO GUYS/GIRLS GOT MARRIED! Please get over yourselves and live YOUR own life, not someone else's.

  • I Know People Who Are Gay

    I know people that are gay and they are just the same as everyone else. Also, how would you tell if someone was gay? I mean, what if there was some twins and one of them was gay and the other wasn't? How would you tell? You don't! Because they deserve the same rights as everyone else! My church is a Unitarian Universalist church and we accept people no matter what they are, gay, lesbian, or transgender. I don't understand why anyone has a problem with it. People commit suicide over this because radicals tease and bully them. Is that right? No! Gay people are the same as heterosexuals and they should have the right to marry.

  • So many reasons

    - Marriage is defined by a man and woman, not man x man, or woman x woman
    -The argument that people are born gay is incorrect. We are all made in the image of God
    -This generation is becoming more and more confusing, blurring the lines...So where would we end up eventually if more and more rules are becoming broken?
    -it promotes homosexual sex, and that isn't normal, and increases risks of sexually transmitted diseases
    -union between a couple is also to reproduce, and with the same genders you an't do that
    -because of the reason that they cant have kids, some would adopt children, and that is not at all fair to the child. A child has the right to have two gender opinions for a healthy upbringing
    -Now onto to religious reasons. And before I start people have to understand that christians do not hate gays at all. That is a widespread lie created to rebuff us and to make us seem hateful
    -God intended marriage sacred only for man and woman, thus same-sex marriage goes against the laws of nature
    -I believe it has become more of a man-made trend that has evolved over time, through people saying its 'normal' and what not
    -Although you can't 'change' the person, hating on them is not right at all as well. Obviously you cannot hate them because that would be irrelevant, but you should tell them that they shouldn't have sexual contact with the same gender because of the reasons above ^

  • For legal purpose

    If two males want to get married for a legal cause to own or share money but that it. God intended for marriage to be man and woman he intended for a lot of things and if you are marrying another male for pleasure that's jus wrong and disgusting I personally don't dislike gays or like them but its wrong. People aren't born gay they are made.

  • I will never support gay marriage

    For a number of reasons. It has been proven to increase the risk of many diseases such as aids, HIV and Hepatitis. It isn't good for children to not know their biological mother/father, and to not have the not have the natural upbringing with input from both sexes. Homosexuality is only practiced by humans (no other creatures to my knowledge), and the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman. Therefore gay marriage is a sin. Gays should be treated respectfully as should anyone, and should get treated the same legally as straight couples. But we should not allow them to marry.

  • It's My Personal Opinion

    I hate when people use the argument of religion when supporting this. Not everybody who is against it is a Christian, seriously. I NEVER bring my religion into politics for obvious reasons, however I still hold to my basic principles. I don't support Gay Marriage mainly because I feel like I'm being forced to accept it. It's not exactly a spite thing, but I want to experience a good reason to support it without people saying it's "common sense." I would easily support it if people wouldn't treat gay people differently, whether it be as kings, or plutonium. If they're regular people, treat them as such (and act as such), THEN they will get what they want (and perhaps deserve). I don't hate anybody or treat anyone differently (I actually have a lot of gay friends), though I don't like being force fed how "stupid" I am or "unfair". Perhaps one day people will stop making a big deal about being gay, and I'll cast my vote to the other side.

  • Gay marriage is inhuman

    1. Equal rights: It is offensive to me because it makes me want to barf, It takes away the chances of another beautiful child being born, Adopted children need both the love of a mother and a father, not a mother and a mother or a father and a father. Don't children have any rights or are they just garbage.
    2. God did not make theses disgusting people like this, they themselves did it, God specifically created a man and a women, for those who don't believe in God, The earth started out with a man and a women, why, so that the human race can go on, this is going against morality and nature.
    3. Happiness: are they truly happy or are they just exaggerating, what about children, can't they be happy with a mother and a father. For one, i'm not happy.
    4. Harmful: it harms us and future generations. It scars my eyes seeing a man and a man or a woman and a woman kiss. As it becomes more legal, it will spread and as it spreads, the future generations will think it is ok and more will be gay and the human race will end.

  • It's an abomination

    I am a Christian women and the fact that we as Christians are bashed for being hateful is completely absurd. You made this up to make us seem intolerant. Remember we love the sinner as does Jesus Christ, but we HATE the SIN. You were most definitely not born this way but you yourselves and is a man-made trend. It's just not right how the society is now forcing us to accept them otherwise we are inhumane.
    I will never support simply because God does not and neither does the Bible. Free yourselves from Satan's chains and repent before your judgement day.
    It's all a confusion in this generation an LGBT communities are insane, what now..... Pansexual?

  • Unethical, immoral and disgusting

    Nothing is worse than knowing such abominable acts are still occurring in our country. I pity all children who are adopted into a gay family because of the embarrassment they face on a daily basis. Also, if you don't support the spread of STDs, you shouldn't support gay marriage. Lastly, all religion aside, gay marriage and intercourse is wrong, unnatural and just plain disgusting. Anybody who can live their life commiting such abominable sins against humanity needs to be put in a hospital to remove their beloved "gay gene".

  • This country was founded on the bible

    People can try and compare gay rights to civil rights and women's rights but that is nothing even in the same ball park. You cannot change the fact you were born a woman you cannot change the fact that you were born an African American. Every male and female were born with innate ability to reproduce with the opposite sex. This is supported in the bible and by science. The reason people seem to accept it is because of this corrupt, twisted around, accept any thing and everything society.

  • I do not support it, and it is not natural.

    There are many people out there that will say,"x amount of species can be homosexual". You can't tell if a species can be homosexual. Homosexuality is two males loving each other. You have no way of knowing if those animals love each other. The only way to know would be to ask, and have them answer. But, that's not going to happen. Those cases are probably just animals showing their dominance over another. I'm going to assume that once the stronger animals showed his dominance he mated with a female. If it was natural people of the same sex would be able to procreate.

  • It's an abomination.

    The reason the I am against gay marriage is because the Bible says so. It states that 'a man shall not do with an other man what he would do with a women,' thus making gay marriage unethical and horribly wrong. I'm not saying that gays shouldn't get married, what I'm saying is that they shouldn't get married to the same sex.

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wangmoi says2014-09-03T10:47:27.470
NO to gay marriage..!! That's all I could share for the betterment of our soceity. (because that's an act of abomination to God)