• The real question should be, why is this a question?

    In a society with real morals and smart people, the response to this question should be an overwhelming yes. Then one old guy says "I disagree because..." and we all respond "shut up old guy!". Then we move on to more important things like our economy, instead of sitting around and saying. "I don't like it when two people with penii have sex with each other because the bible says its wrong!" I guess the republican party needs this though, because hating gay people, pro-abortion people, and anything that resembles communism is their only way of uniting their base. I mean, if it was just fiscal and foreign policy, you think that someone who makes minimum wage in some town in the southwest is really going to vote for the person who says that the poor should be paying more taxes and the rich less? Poor people spend a higher percent of their income, we should be supporting them.

  • Love is love

    I was raised in a very democratic open minded household where I was taught to accept others as they are. Gay or straight. Tall or short. Pretty or ugly. Because in the end we're all people, we're all the same, there is just this thing called ignorance. It doesn't mean you're stupid, it means you haven't been taught enough about the subject at hand. God made you who you are, heterosexual , bisexual, homosexual, pansexual, whatever. We're all people. Strip away the fear and all you'll find is love, love and a sad soul longing for equality.

  • Yes I do.

    Marriage is about love, not biological sex or gender. If two consenting adults are in love and want to spend there lives together, let them. It is wholly bigoted to refuse them this right. Same sex couples should have the same rights as opposite sex couples. What business is it for any of us, if two people want to get married? It is so wrong for people to dictate how other people can live. If you don't like sex sex marriage, good for you. Just don't marry someone of the same sex.

  • Love is love

    You can't judge someone on who they love. Anyone is free to do what they would like with who they wish. Would you really like to deny someone of what makes them happy? Whether it be who they love or what type of phone they have. Everyone has the right to be happy no matter their race, religion, or gender

  • No one's marriage can harm society

    So what if your religion condemns same-sex relationships? It probably also condemns the practice of other religions, and you know very well that people of other religions are getting married and have been for ages (longer than your religion has existed, even). No one faith or lifestyle has a monopoly on marriage. And even if you think gay people are doomed to whatever bad ending in the afterlife, why do you care? Shouldn't that be their problem? Your rights don't extend to infringing on the rights of others, so mind your own business and get on with your life.

  • Love is Love

    We should not judge the love between souls. We abolished color separation years ago. Time for government to stay out of people's lives and let others live the way that they please. Love knows no color or no sex. Who they marry should be no concern for the government. Closing

  • Marriage is between a male and a female!

    The idea that people can just change the definition of terms and words is abhorrent. Sodomites are not part of the complementarity that marriage enshrines, you know, the mum and dad business that most have wilfully rejected. Sodomites should be free to get together and wriggle in their own shame, but please call it something else and stop hi-jacking other institutions to make your guilty life style feel more appropriate.

  • No! I do not support same sex marriage at all!

    Firstly it is not normal man! How can same sex people get married and then how they have babies ? It is something unnatural! It will destroy balance of nature, Imagine that everyone in the world would like each other without looking at her or his sex ! What would happen at the end? And you know what? Same sex marriage is one of the signs that Doomsday is approaching.And how can you tell that it is normal??? One will start it and at the end most of the people will be bisexuals , lesbians and gays .!!!

  • I support marriage for opposite sexes

    I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. Religion, nature, tradition, and thousands of years of history have confirmed this. Consenting adults may form whatever relationships, but in the end society should have a standard when it comes to marriage, and that standard has already been set by religion, nature, tradition, and thousands of years of history.

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