• It is abuse prevention.

    Yes, I support sex education in schools, because all students need this information. Teaching sex education can prevent abuse, which is all too common in the world. Teaching sex education can help students make informed choices about the kind of behavior they want and what consequences they can expect from their actions.

  • Kids need to know that stuff.

    I am one hundred percent in support of sex education in schools. The kids need to learn this stuff. They need to learn about sex, what it does, and what the consequences can be if you don't use the proper protection. They're certainly not learning it from their home lives.

  • Every Aspect of Sex Needs to be Discussed

    With teen pregnancies always a factor in whether or not some students graduate, sex education needs to be discussed beginning in middle school/junior high. Teenagers will always be hormonal--there is no getting around that. The key is to have honest conversations about condoms, oral sex, orgasm, intimacy, masturbation and how the sex organs of boys and girls work. Humans are very sexual and there is no reason to be afraid of talking about these sensitive subjects in appropriate ways.

  • Teach The Anatomy

    I believe it is important to include sex education within schools. If children were not taught sex education in schools they would more than likely glen the information from the Internet anyway. I think it is far better to discuss it in class with peers than to start looking on the Internet.

  • Parents need to inform the kids

    I think the parents should talk to the kids about sex education instead of the teachers because depending on their views, the teachers could portray having sex as being a good thing so long as you have protection, which is totally 100% not true. I agree students should learn about how the body works, but they should leave it to the parents to inform students about their body sexually.

  • No, sex education can take place at home.

    Personally, I do not feel there is a need for sex education in schools. It wasn't needed in the early days of our country, and is a rather modern topic of education. The main reason I feel it's an unnecessary topic is that parents often have their own concepts about what is or isn't correct, and schools don't always teach the same things that parents would like their kids to know.

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