• Yes I agree.

    Small business Saturdays should be looked upon the same way that shoppers look at Black Fridays. It is all done in the name of commerce. Small businesses have, over the years, been the backbone of the country and therefore, it should be supported. Without small businesses, where would the middle class be?

  • Small business Saturday is a financial infusion for small companies

    After the massive Black Friday event where major retailers make enough money to move many from being in the financial red to the black, we tend to forget about the small businesses who are struggling. Supporting these businesses on Small Businesses Saturday is one way to alleviate this discrepancy. Small businesses are what keep the American economy going. Keeping them strong helps them grow to a point where they can expand and hire more people, which in turn makes our economy even stronger.

  • I love Small Business Saturday.

    I support Small Business Saturday as much as I can. I think small businesses are so important for our economy, and I love shopping local. On Small Business Saturday, I love going to small businesses in town and shopping online at Etsy shops. It is so great that there is a day signaled out for supporting small businesses.

  • Supporting Small Business Saturday has no down side.

    In my opinion, you are not only being financially responsible when you support small brick and mortar businesses in your local community, it makes you feel good too. You are helping people you know or who live in your neighborhood and you are attaining gifts for those you love or even something for yourself.

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