• Yes. Wholeheartedly. YUP.

    If I didn't support Snowden, I would be for a form of tyranny. Dispute that with a smile if you believe his essence is anything but the will to fight the tyrants who suppose they know what we should do that would be the best for THEY....... Bring it clowns of truth.

  • I support him because he stands for net neutrality

    Some governments view the internet as an unconquered territory that needs its governing and theyll do anything to take it over. We have seen this a lot were the government uses terrorism as an excuse to access user data that has nothing to do with terrorism. If the government was to take full control it would be a bubble like in china.

  • Snowden does what is right

    Firstly, this opinion should be split into two: "Do you support Snowden/" and "Do you sport anti corruption?" since they are two different questions.

    Addressing the Snowden side of the question, I believe Snowden did what he thought was right. He revealed the truth of the government's operations; things the people have the right to know. While such things are in a way national secrets, they are not military secrets, which is the reason why I think Snowden should not be persecuted so badly. The secret documents Snowden released would not really hurt the country since they would not be giving other country tips on US military.

    As for anti corruption, it's pretty straightforward why I am for it. Government officials running the country should have the country's best interests at heart, not their own personal interests. A corrupt government would mean a government bought by rich people or companies who will not have interests which are the same as the best interests of the country, and thus policies made or laws enacted will not be the best for the country. To ensure an efficient and trustworthy government, corruption is something that has to be tackled.

  • We support him!

    The reason why we support him is because he spoke the truth by showing what the Americans are actually doing.! We are very disappointed as America has betrayed them self's and also by lieing to there people as well as the world. It shows that America is hiding more and bigger stuff to the world as well as to its people!

  • Snowden did wrong by his country.

    We ignore the fact that he gave away national secrets. Regardless of his motives he should be treated as a traitor and not as some sort of anti-corruption hero. It doesn't matter what his reasons were what he did was dangerous and irresponsible. Snowden is a trator and that I'd that.

  • Could not give a single damn if my government wants to spy on me.

    I haven't got anything to hide. Everybody needs to stop being so self absorbed. Obama doesn't care about your internet history. John key doesn't care about your twitter output. That is, of course, unless you're planning to build a weapon of mass destruction. Government surveillance results in less harm than good.

  • Hang him for treason.

    The guy stole confidential documents, and spilled top secret information.
    I have no idea why people are surprised that the government is spying on us via the internet. The U.S. Department of Defense was instrumental in it's development when they awarded contracts for packet network systems like ARPANET back in the 60'. Do you really think they would give up a technological advantage like that? I can't remember where I heard it but I think it was back around the early 90's that the government already had a system in place that scanned all messages sent over the internet for key words. If you sent or received a message with one of the words, you were flagged. If you had a lot of flags attached to you, then they would pass your info to a person who would read what was sent to rule out things like "That new club on Washington street is the bomb." If they found your messages less innocent, you would be put under investigation. Not sure if that is how it is still done but that is how it was explained to me back then.
    Many people claim him a hero for exposing invasions of privacy but if you look at the facts, you can see that he probably has much more sensitive information. Fact: Russia gave him asylum. Think about it, if you were Russia, would you trust someone who betrayed their own country? If they betrayed their own country, they would likely betray you as well, so why grant them asylum? Russia would not care about the U.S. government spying on it's own people so there had to be something Snowden had that Russia needed. This could be something like sensitive information about them that was being used for extortion but probably other, more sensitive information about the U.S. Who knows what sensitive secretes Snowden had access to but I am sure it had to be more than just e-mails that had been intercepted in the U.S. It is also safe to say that he is probably holding U.S. information hostage from us, maybe with threats of disclosure should something happen to him. Otherwise I think we would have sent people in to eliminate him.

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wxyz2000 says2014-11-09T21:32:28.687
Is corruption the best way to describe the actions of the government prior to the Snowden incident?
Proudlibertarian says2014-11-10T06:59:52.030
I disagree with the wording if this question. I support anti corruption but do not support Snowden as he spilled state secrets then took refuge in countries with a rocky relationship with the US.
panzer05 says2014-11-10T20:36:02.443
If the secrets spilled are that of national and international crimes commited by the government the people have the right to know.