Do you support stores starting Black Friday shopping Thanksgiving night?

  • Yes they should

    I love shopping at target on thanksgiving night. It's so fun and the workers get payed extra money for it. Last time we went to target and were probably going there again. Everyone rushed in as the doors opened. It was like a stampede. I can't wait for Black Friday!

  • Shopping on Thanksgiving, a yes?

    Shopping on Thanksgiving for Black Friday should an opinion. The costumers that is. For me it's a yes, I think that because if shopping starts on Black Friday everyone would be rushed. Also, stores could take time off of the day and reopen once people have started to arrive. This is why I think Black Friday shopping for Thanksgiving should happen.

  • Shopping on thanksgiving should really happen!

    I don't understand why everyone is complaining about how stores should be closed on thanksgiving. I mean if you really need to do some last minute preparing for when the family comes over, and the stores are closed then you're not going to be that happy of a camper. You can also buy thanksgiving movies like charlie brown! That is why stores being open on thanksgiving is a great idea:-)

  • Black Friday sales shouldn't start on ThanksGiving

    I think that Black Friday should start either on later in the day on Friday or on another day. People NEED to be sitting at the table eating dinner with their families instead of sleeping to have the energy to stay in line at 11:00 THANKSGIVING NIGHT. I think this is abominable that people would say yes to supporting stores opening on Thanksgiving night. I mean, do you really want to be waiting in line while the rest of your family is having dinner without you. Black Friday should start later in the day on Friday so that people can get a good night sleep and be able to have dinner with their families.

  • Should people work on Thanksgiving? Yes or No?

    People should not work on Thanksgiving for Black Friday sales. It takes away the special time for everyone. Some people want to spend this time of year with their family and friends. They don't want to spend this holiday working, they want to make it special with family. Do you think people should work at all on Thanksgiving?

  • I do not support work on Thanksgiving

    I do not support work on Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving is a time to be at home with family and friends. People shouldn't work on Thanksgiving for companies that only think about money. They don't think about the employees who work on a beloved holiday. I hate that innocent people have to work on a day where people should be happy. Holidays are not a time for company gain.

  • No I don't think people should wok on Thanksgiving.

    I don't think employees should work on Thanksgiving. I believe this because Thanksgiving is when you are being thankful for things important to you and stuff you love. You shouldn't have to be at work and miss time that they could be spending with family members and friends. They need to be able to give thanks to people who have been there for them therefore they should be at home or where ever with their family. Not many people would want to be at work working while they could be at home or with their friends and family spending time with them that they might not be able to any other time. Same with they're friends they may not be able to see them a lot so they wouldn't want to miss this time they could be spending with them.

  • No people should work on thanksgiving

    It's not fair

    Because retailers deserve to be able to have a thanksgiving meal instead of having to work all night and day just so people can get what they want because they are to scared to go shopping on a normal day. These retailers have a life to but some people don't understand this and don't realize how much they are missing with their family.Thats why people shouldn`t work on thanksgiving day

  • No, I don't think employees should work on Thanksgiving

    I do not believe employees should work on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day when friends and family come together and give thanks. If someone is working, they will miss quality time with their relatives and friends. They need to be able to give thanks with their family or thanksgiving will not fulfill its purpose. Stores need to prove that they are "friends and family supportive". This is why I believe employees shouldn't have to work on Thanksgiving.

  • I say no

    I think that it is alright that people work on Thanksgiving day, but i do not think that it should be demanded in any way. Thanksgiving is a day to spend with all of your family and friends not a day to work. People all around the world can celebrate Thanksgiving, but when they have to work it takes away time for that person and their family. So if your asking me if i think it should be demanded that we work on thanksgiving, i say no.

  • No, they sicken me

    Libertarians and the like defend what these stores do to their workers by saying if they don't want to work on Thanksgiving they should get another job. Yes, because everybody working at Walmart is doing so because they love the place so much and not because they are unable to find employment elsewhere.

    It's a disgusting practice and it's going to do nothing but get worse, it wasn't THAT long ago we didn't have to deal with this crap and within a few years it'll be starting at 2am on Thanksgiving.

  • Black Thanksgiving Shopping: Fight it!

    I do not support the extension of Black Friday sales back into Thanksgiving. I do not think this is necessary. It poisons the tranquility of a traditionally sacrosanct family day for all religions, one of the most widely honored family days in the United States, all for greed, greed on the part of merchants hungry for another shopping day and greed of citizens who do not resist their urge to buy even though it violates Thanksgiving and even though in most of them have the whole weekend ahead free for shopping and do not actually need to shop Thursday also. Once Thursday is blackened with shopping there is probably no going back. What's next, Christmas, the High Holy Holidays, Fourth of July? The old Blue Laws that some states formerly had to keep Sunday worshipful come to mind. Nothing like that is politically correct. We ourselves are the only ones who can salvage Thanksgiving. We can do that by refusing to give into doing holiday shopping then and keeping Thanksgiving a day for family and friends.

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