• Yes in general

    In general I do support the American way of life. I think we have a lot of freedoms and rights to be thankful for and would not want to give them up for a different way of life. All ways of life have issues and we definitely have a lot but in the end I wouldn't give it up for anything else.

  • Yes, within limits.

    For the most part, the American way of life is a great way to live if one has had the good fortune to make it something of a success. But the American way of greed is another story, and, even though I am a citizen, I do not support the excesses that are taken as normal.

  • Americanism is another word for Imperism

    America was built on an ideal of freedom and non-imperialism by the "Founding fathers" . They have gone back on this completely.Firstly by expansion into the east of north america which was Mexican territory. They have tried to shape Europe into a complete capitalist economy continent by the use of Marshall aid and the Truman doctrine even though in Europe we like socialism. They have propped up dictators and kings eg. Greece (1947), Zaire(1980s), Boliava(1960s) and more. They have supplied terrorist groups like the Tailban during the cold war which advocated for a sharia law. This is just foreign policy.

    At home in the USA greed and racism is all around. Firstly the USA had slavery until 1863, when Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves. Then the south have the Jim Crow law which brought about segregation and a oppression of African -american until the mid 1970s.
    Then on-top of this America is the most greediest nation on earth with 99% of Americas wealth being owned by 1% of the population.Then the one percent use broadcasting services like fox news to make American believe that they all have the ability to have the american dream when the honest truth is that the one percent wan to keep their wealth and only tells them this for them to work harder for the wealthy one percent.

  • Americans Are Brainwashed

    I personally do not believe in or support the American way of life. I say this because I feel as though my peers have been brainwashed by big corporations and consumerism. Everyone in America is in a race to consume and buy more and it is generally stuff we don't need or value in the long run.

  • American way of life sucks

    Living in america is a living nightmare. People in america are argent and unintelligent. America is the physical representation of hell. America has the highest murder by firearm. Here in america we arrested an 81 year old women for feeding birds. Its to easy to be arrested and put in prison. You have a high chance of being raped or murdered while in prison.

  • The American way of life is too consumer-centric.

    The American way of life is built upon individual acquisition of as much and as many "things" as possible as a measure of success. Success comes in many forms, however, and such a materialistic point of view has not only made the change in the American lifestyle that the country needs to consider thriving very difficult, it has put Americans out of touch with much of the world.

  • American Way of Life Is A Crock

    I do not believe in or support the American Way of Life. American society tells you that you must scratch and claw your way to the top, stepping on everyone below you to get ahead. American society tells you, you must wear the most recent clothing with the most expensive accessories. American society or the general view of the American way of life is nothing short of a consumerism vision and I hate it to its core.

  • No I don't

    I don't live in America, I think Americans would be surprised at how much their culture is critisized by the rest of the world. There is the problem of too much junk food, too much crime, too much violence, too many rude and poorly behaved children, too many people in jail.

    There are the awful things like the death penalty and corporal punishment in schools, which the rest of the modern world banned a long time ago.

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jsebean says2014-01-19T01:09:19.480
I am going to remain neutral on this issue because it's like saying do I support the way of life in Russia. I am not against someone's "way of life", which is the definition of liberty. I am however against abusive governments and inconsiderate people. It is no secret that western society is wasteful resourcefully and that there is room for improvement, that said, I cannot said I "do not support" the American way of life no more than I can say I support it. I think it's a way of life that is acceptable yet in some ways not acceptable. In other words, there's room for improvement.