• The GPA promotes all-rounded (academically) students

    This system allows schools to gauge students' overall calibre, in the bid to nurture all-rounded students who devote attention to their subjects. This promotes the shift away from subject specialisation, where students spend most of their time on their stronger subjects and avoid their weaker ones. Students are forced to work on all areas of their academics so as to bring up the overall GPA.

  • I understand it

    As sometimes in an overpopulated area such as a public school, there is no precise way to judge everyone's talent other then by giving them grades based on their classwork. But many teacher's, AP and regular, are not great teachers in the first place and are not really giving children the value of what they should be deserved in courses. I mean some of the things taught in school through a WHOLE QUARTER could be learned simply be reading a book or conducting research on the internet. What is your opinion of the idea of a GPA judging students intellect?

  • I do not support the grading system.

    As far as I am concerned, the purpose of education is to learn. Seems to me that society continuously places further emphasis on grades as opposed to the actually intellectual comprehension of the material itself. Grades are nothing but a mere representation of an individual's ability to memorize and recreate information or their ability to cheat the system. Some of the most remarkable students are shunned, and their egos damaged. Counter-innovative.

  • Shift in Goals

    With the GPA system, kids are more focused on getting good grades than challenging themselves, or actually learning. The ideal situation for kids becomes easy classes with all As, rather than advanced coursework with spotty grades.

    At my school, AP classes are weighted lower than most, and because of that most people choose not to take AP classes. This is verified by our AP report card, which shows that we have 14% AP enrollment, and low class grade averages, but our performance on the tests is one of the highest in the State. It is because the only people who dare challenge themselves with hard coursework don't care about their GPA, and only care about learning.

  • Ban gov funds to k-12

    Gpa only measures how obedient you are, not how smart you are. They forget all the info after the test because its useless as teacher's admit. Rich students are at an advantage they have more time and resources to spent raiseing their gpa, they have the internet to help with homework, their parents, friends, and family might be college educated to help them with homework, they are able to get car rides to have homework parties with friends. Poor students have to work after school jobs dont have time for homework.
    Dumb Down
    dont let them know how to independently care for or defend themself, make survival needs or weapons, or where its food comes from, to keep them dependent.
    Deprive them of useful important info, truth,and non-words/pictures/video info by forcing/intimidating them to go to school
    school(day prison uneducation camp) is only to train slaves to obey(read,write,say,do as told), regeritate lies. They tell you its good for you, because they think its good for you to be a slave. Watch harry potter tyranical school movie
    occupy its mind w the most useless boring info. Dont teach it anything that could help it. Illiterate in useful words- only teach words no one uses.
    Force to shut up and sit still in chair to weaken body and immunity and reduce blood flow to brain to dum it down
    drug/poison it to make it weak so it wont move, experiment, explore or travel, to make it dum.
    Keep them compartmentalized, isolated, dont let them socialize or travel, only know how to do 1 repetitive job
    deindividualize to collectivize punish non-conformity.
    Schools target children because there small, weak, easy to control
    order them to look at books filled w info schools admit has no application that the student will never use in their life. If the info had application, the student wouldnt be allowed access to resources necessary to apply that info.
    The only reason for school-day-prison is to create weak obedient slaves

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sushrutbhat says2013-10-01T12:03:01.957
While it is true that the concept of GPA hampers the idea of learning for the love of learning and promotes learning to get better grades, i believe its still the best way to evaluate our understanding of a subject and until the time a better system is devised we have to stick with it.