• It Prevents Nukes

    1: The deal clearly outlines how we'll prevent Iran from attaining nukes.
    2: If it didn't, we wouldn't have agreed to it.
    3: We're not giving any concessions. We're simply returning the money that we stole, which was rightfully theirs.
    4: Fox News are pro-war propagandists.
    5: Republicans are only against it because they want a war in the Middle East. To them, the less Muslims the better.

  • As an Iranian, it is good for both sides!

    I just wanna open some issues. First of all I open an issue, why Iran and USA should be in conflict?

    It has been 30 years that my people, government,scientists and armies (including Artesh, Sepah and Basij) making themselves ready for a probable war imposed by USA and its allies. Why!!

    Thirty yeas ago when USA backed Iran's King to kill Iranians and backed Saddam Hussain to attack Iran and when destroyed Iran's airplane with many passengers in the air just made hater in Iranians mind. It was USA's previous politicians' fault to carry out such barbaric actions which made conflict between two sides.

    Now the generation has changed and both sides try to have good relation ship with no wars and there is no reason for both sides to pose threat for each other.

    Iran never has plan to attack USA. In fact there is no reason for that! Ayat Ollah Khamenei (the religous head of Shia Muslims and the head of Iran's army forces) ordered our scientists to stop working on missiles distance as they wanted to reach the distance of the missiles to USA so that Iran can fight with USA from a long distance. Our army forces and scientists asked him to let them make such missiles but he didn't let saying "we have no problem with Americans and the only problem is with their politicians only"

    When scientists wanted to reach high percentage of uranium, he stopped them saying "nuclear bomb is against humanity and Islam."

    I'm really surprise when you think it is your government who stops Iran from making nuclear bombs. Because if wanted to have such weapons we could easily make it. We have the knowledge of it! We send satellites to sky we have the knowledge of reaching our missiles to your country but we don't make such weapons as Ayat Ollah Khamenei has prohibited them.

    At the moment the best way to stop conflict between two sides is to stop Israel from fighting with Muslims.Why USA pays for Israel's faults??
    Do you regard Israel as your friend?!! It's just a joke! The Zionists abuse Americans to reach their purposes. USA's politics are influence by rich Zionist lobbies and your news and movies are made by them to wash your brains.
    Sanctions are bad for both sides. USA devotes many money to carry out the sanctions and Iran influences USA's benefits in oil markets so that China and Russia benefit more. If USA continues sanctions on Iran and Russia and other countries it will not be the world's economic power after some decades!

  • It's the only realistic solution

    The deal does have safeguards such that if Iran did move towards a nuclear weapon (or even suggest that they are through the production of certain materials) we would be alerted and we could reimpose sanctions.

    If we don't do this deal then there will be no deal, and European nations will get impatient and decide to stop the sanctions for free.

    And military action against Iran is clearly out of the question. Barring some sort of uprising in Iran military action against the Iranian regime would be an enormous strain on military and financial resources which would be better put towards fighting against ISIS (which Iran is helping to fight against too).

  • Better than status quo, better than war.

    Anyone who thinks ME needs more misery and wars must be evil. The deal:
    - curtails Iran's ambitions by setting limits and monitoring
    - it gives regular Iranians the opportunity to join the civilized world
    - it opens the door to cooperation with Iran in defeating ISIS
    - it provides a much needed boost to global economies.

    The fact remains that US & Iranian interests are aligned much better than US and Sunni state interests. Iran is not a threat to Israel militarily, and Israel knows it. However, they are concerned about Iran being an economic threat. Are we going to go to war to protect Israeli economic interests? Obviously, Not!

  • We needed to stop bending backwards for Israel and make the best of a hard situation.

    Israel might not sponsor the same kind of terrorism Iran does, but Israel absolutely supports religious terrorism. All this nonsense over nukes in the middle east and meanwhile we funnel millions and millions to a nuclear powered Israel.

    Netanyahu is a war criminal and he has no right to intervene in U.S. foreign policy. Israel shouldn't have a monopoly on U.S. involvement. This deal with Iran took years and years of pressure and diplomacy - let's keep in mind that we've been at odds with Iran for half a century (after a 1953 coup d'etat that nobody talks about - in which we pissed off generations of Iranians to get better oil prices). We can all thank Bush for destabilizing the region and unleashing Iran.

    What were we going to do? We stopped the advances of Iranian nuclear power for at least a decade! Bush wouldn't have had a snowballs chance at striking a deal like that.

  • It is the best and most logical position for America to take.

    I would first like to point out that Britain, France, Russia, China, Germany, AND the USA have signed this deal. This deal is embraced by members of the governments of the strongest countries in the world. Not only does this signify that this is not a solely Liberal policy, as the UK and Russia are pretty conservative. Additionally, this also makes it clear that the prisoners that are so commonly mentioned during discussion of this topic are insignificant to the likes of the other five countries.

    Now, lets start of with the prisoner narrative. Everyone says that we shouldn't have a deal until the prisoners are freed. Apart from my first reason, I want to make it clear that the point of the deal is to disarm Iran of nuclear weapons. THE DEAL DOES THAT. The point is to not free prisoners! Would you rather have no deal? The deal with prisoners was probably non-negotionable, and either way, THEY CAN'T GET NUKES.

  • A step in the right direction.

    The Iranian people are suffering at the expense of our government as well as their own. Without this deal their economy will further plummet into the abyss. Iran will create a nuke eventually no matter our efforts, Being on the side that at least is trying to show support for their people in the form of a peaceful goal is what is needed to heal the wounds caused in the region..

  • Its the best option available to us.

    Ill be honest, I do not like the deal. I do not like Iran. And I certainly don't trust them. But... This deal is the best option we have available to us. Iran has advanced enough in their nuclear research that the construction of a bomb is all but assured.

    Sanctions have not stopped the Iranians thus far, so assuming that harsher ones will succeed is pointless. Leave the situation as it stands and Iran gets a nuke in 3-5 years.

    Well, what about airstrikes? To best answer that, let me just state a philosophical fact. You can't bomb knowledge. We can destroy all of Iran's nuclear research facilities, but it will not stop them from rebuilding and trying again. In fact they may even develop an even more secret program that we cant locate to bomb. If Iran puts enough resources behind such an endeavor, they can obtain a bomb in 7-9 years.

    This deal will at least postpone the inevitable for 10-15 years, depending on how much they focus on the program after the time limit is up. Of the three options, it is the least painful.

    The only way that Iran can be prevented from obtaining a nuke at all is by launching a full scale invasion, similar to but larger than the one used in Iraq. If America is willing to pay in both dollars and lives to prevent Iran at all cost, this is the only option. I am not willing for such a feat. And I hope America as a whole is equally as unwilling. Iran isn't worth the trouble.

    Plus, opening relations may be a more effective way of containing Iran. Our economic clout alone has bent Islamic nations into grudgingly accepting Israel and our interests. Having Iran economically tied to us may be a better means of control than any sanction or bomb.

  • Being in support of this deal is literally impossible

    Dear low information voters; in this case low information voters refers to every person that has voted and will vote "YES" to this poll. The fact that you have voted "Yes, I approve of the Iran deal" on this poll or even worse, that you support it outside of this website in the tangible world displays your complete ignorance of the entire situation and deal. Why? Because it is now public knowledge that Iran has signed secret agreements with the IAEA as well as at least one additional unnamed nation, the details of which we, as Americans, are NEVER allowed to know. Even more sickening is the fact that our President signed off on the secret agreements between the IAEA and Iran, agreeing to not release any information, data, hints, or even the smallest of bread crumbs that these secret deals even existed. Let me say this again: our president, President Obama, knowing that he required congressional approval on all parts of the Iran Nuke Deal in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America; most specifically the separation of powers, made the decision on his own to sign agreements which he KNEW held the clause of the U.S. not finding out about the side deals. So, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, CHILDREN OF ALL AGES. For the few ignorant and/or m0ronic people in attendance on the "YES" vote side, and for the millions of ignorant and/or m0ronic people voting the same around the nation...LLLLLLET'S AGREE WITH A NUKE DEAL FOR A TERRORIST NATION WHEN WE KNOW WITHOUT QUESTION THAT WE DON'T EVEN KNOW AND WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT THE FULL DEAL IIIIIISSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Shout out to Michael Buffer!

  • Anyone who voted yes obviously hasn't read the deal

    This 'deal' gives nothing to America. Iran, a country that has a special holiday where everyone chants deal to America and death to Israel then burns these countries flags, is getting the ability to not only keep their centrifuges but also to increase their effectiveness. This deal allows the Iranian to creates nukes. Yes, nuclear bombs. Weapons of mass destruction. Obama not only wants to give this country nukes, but also wants to hand them billions of dollars to do with whatever they please. Considering, they have a long past of supporting terrorism this is the WORST idea I've heard all year long.

    To sum things up:

    America gets:
    a) Death threats from Iran
    b) Taunts from Iran about how they still have American troops held hostage.

    Iran gets:
    a) The permission to freely build weapons of mass destruction to kill millions of people from any country they please.
    B) Billions of dollars from America to fund this nuclear campaign and to assist terrorists across the region.

    Worst 'deal' I've ever heard of

  • No why would I

    Well they are not our ally. Our main ally in that region is Israel, along with Saudi Arabia ( somewhat). They have not been our ally,sense the Iran Hostage Crisis. There government hates us, they also hate Israel.
    The people like us, but if we give them nukes they are not going to not use them. They will threaten the balance of power in the middle east. They also said " Down with America, and wipe out Israel. These are not the words a ally would say, this is what a enemy would say.

  • No deal until Iran releases prisoners and honors its word

    Its pretty bad when the president comes out and says some of the 150 BILLION dollars we are giving them (and in return we dont even get our four hostages) will be used to fun acts of terrorism against us and our allies.

    What happened to the America that took the Berlin wall down?

    In my opinion no deal should be made until the prisoners are released and not a dime should be given until after the 10-15 years are up. Then it would turn this absolutely atrocious deal into just a bad one.

  • I don't see anything benefiting America from the deal.

    Four hostages aren't even being returned to America. Should America even be making a deal with an enemy? Surely not if these four hostages remain unfree. If America doesn't get anything from it, then it does not seem good in any way. If there are things about it favoring the US that I am not seeing, please let me know.

  • The Iranian government can't be trusted

    While I do agree with the fact that Iranian civilians won't suffer economically because of lifted sanctions, Iran's government is violent. For example, they fund many terrorists, such as the Hellabozah. Also, they host conferences on destroying Israel. Lifting sanctions and giving them uranium will let terrorists have better funding and uranium to enrich elsewhere for an atomic bomb to drop on Israel, or the USA.

  • Just cause .

    D d d e d v s b e v d . Just cause, just cause j u s t c a u s e j us t c a u s e j u s t c a use. J u d t c a u s e j u s t cause.

  • What happened to we don't deal with terrorist.

    Giving $150,000,000,000 to a country that repeatedly says it wants to wipe us and our ally off the map is equivalent to attempting to commit suicide. It seems as if our government is purposely trying to weaken us. There should be no deal with any country that wants to kill you. This deal is so one sided that we should be calling for impeachment.

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