Do you support the legal regulation of marijuana in preference to a ban?

  • Done Stemming the Tide

    I think marijuana is detrimental to the human brain & body. I believe it is addictive. I understand why it has been illegal all these years. However, I'm almost positive that I've changed my position. The number of people in jail because of possession is just insane. The cost for keeping those people in jail is nuts. The amount of money spent to prevent trafficking is crazy. The risk to local law enforcement officers & DEA bears a lot more consideration. I don't think we've deterred the use or trade of weed. The argument for regulation & sales' tax is making more sense to me.

  • Marijuana should be legal.

    Marijuana is plant and it alters the mind, yes, but have you ever thought about smoking cigarettes and what that does to you? Smoking cigarettes is more horrible for your body than marijuana will ever be, I've never heard someone die of cancer from marijuana. Marijuana should be legalized, and you can put a ban on it if you want but people will just ignore the ban and smoke up a storm.

  • The damage is done from the drug war!

    The most damage that comes from cannabis is from the hands of those set to protect the people. It will ruin you're life if you land in prison for 20 years. thats a damage worse then anything alcohol or most illicit drugs can produce. Keeping it under proabition is just coming from people who are prejudise and think "lesser" of someone who makes the choice of consuming cannabis instead of alcohol.

  • Regulate it like cigarettes or alcohol.

    Honestly if you look up the death rate of marijuana NO one has died from smoking it, ODing on it, or from getting cancer from it. If you regulate it like cigarettes I dont see a problem. If its sold in gas stations/smoke shops, then yes you should be ID'd for it with the minimum age of 18 or 21. The benefits you get from it are in my opinion better than any over the counter drug out there. You can not OD on marijuana like you can on Xanax, Tylenol, and so on. Its being used to help cancer patients and even help make the cancer go away in some people, I'm not saying that it is the cure to cancer but it helps. I see nothing wrong with it. And theres been around 853,838 arrests related to marijuana. 750,561 of those were just for possession, the remaining 103,247 were for people selling and growing. If it were legalized do you realize how many people would be out of jail, more people working, AND the nation debt would decrease. Just think about it.

  • Legalize it already. It's a plant! Regulate it if sold.

    The benefits far outweigh the harm. It's a plant. I have seen more harm from prescription drugs and fast food on people in the workforce...why not outlaw them? This plant is so useful and the milk alone from this plant is extremely nutritious and healthy not to mention the hemp fabric...tons of uses. Read the truth why it was really outlawed. What's next...not allowed to grow your own corn or tomatoes or herb? There are so many uses for this plant for individual health concerns. Let people grow their own. Parents feed more poisons to their children legally on a daily basis with today's food but that's legal.

  • I prefer marijuana regulation over prohibition because prohibition doesn't work.

    Prohibition does not work. In the early twentieth century, it was tried with alcohol and failed miserably. The ban created a criminal underworld and gang warfare. These days, drug dealers are plentiful. Anyone can buy weed and a good portion of America does; however, this profitable trade is completely missed by the government as a revenue source.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Rather than the current ban and illegality, I agree that marijuana should be legalized and regulated in the same manner as alcohol and tobacco.

    I believe that marijuana is no more dangerous, and is possibly not as dangerous, as alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Because marijuana is currently an illegal substance, its sale and use falls outside the usual channels where it could be regulated for age-appropriateness and taxed. Legalizing marijuana would allow for regulation and taxes, as well as ending the incentive that drug dealers have for selling it.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84
  • Yes, because marijuana is not the demon that people make it out to be.

    Marijuana is one of the safest drugs there is. Marijuana-related deaths are minimal, and the damage done is far less than smoking cigarettes. In addition, if it were regulated and legalized, it would be a massive source of revenue, just as alcohol and tobacco are. Misinformation is the biggest reason it is still illegal.

    Posted by: CreepyRandy47
  • yes, because marijana has helped people though losses and other life altering tragities.

    i disagree with the regulation bull crap though because they can't even regulate it when it isn't legal. there is absolutly no point in trying to hold people back once it is legal. this isn't a bad thing though. marijana is both a great healer and an amazing pass time. it opens up your mind in an amazing way without damaging it drastically like most other drugs (including prescriptions that the goverment wants you to take.). it is no worse then a cigeratte or a beer. in fact, one beer kills more brain cells then a whole 3 gram blunt. it's time for our pot smoking government to start sharing.

  • Yes, because there are many pros in legalizing and regulating marijuana in the U.S., and it will always be present in our country either way.

    Marijuana use is always going to be present in our society. In legalizing and regulating it, I feel there will be less crime and less chance for people to buy poor or dangerous quality product. Legalizing marijuana will create numerous jobs, and allow the government to implement taxes on it. The money it will generate can go towards schools, law enforcement agencies, and other government programs that are greatly in need of additional funding. I feel that the pros outweigh the cons in this debate and, either way, marijuana is here to stay, legal or not.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyHaIey
  • I did not choose to support the legal regulation, because it is a drug that alters the mind.

    If it is made legal, what will this do to our drivers on the road, parents that make decisions for their children, or company owners that run businesses whose services we use every day? What kind of decisions would all of these people make? A student cannot do his homework while under the influence of marijuana and, if he does, what will the assignment look like when he is done? I cannot help but think this drug will make things different. After all, there has got to be a difference in mindsets before and after taking this drug.

    Posted by: FurryPrince
  • Gateway drug

    Marijuana has been proven to be a gateway drug to other harder, more seriously dangerous drugs. Also if it's legalized the sense of badassness that comes with smoking it is gone, and to get that sense of badassness back people we start doing other more dangerous illegal drugs. Even though it's not that harmful, if you legalize it we would be opening the gate to drugs like heroin to the public.

  • I oppose a generic ban on marijuana, but I do not support its use as psychoactive drug.

    Marijuana is popularly known for its usage as psychoactive drug particularly for recreational purposes among youth. But marijuana also consists of many properties that can be put for better use. So according to me, the policy should consider the better side of it and also one should remember that Marijuana is not the only psychoactive substance available. Moreover, one should also consider the economical and social impacts due to the ban. The ban creates a considerable hike in the price and entirely new market for such product.

    Posted by: SaroM0vi3
  • Marijuana usually leads to the use of harder drugs.

    People that use marijuana often graduate to harder drugs. The high from marijuana is too intoxicating to resist for many people and they want a more intense high that comes from other drugs such as cocaine or heroin. Marijuana itself is bad enough. It causes destructive behavior in the people that use it and can cause health problems.

    Posted by: ddeathnote

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