Do you support the "My Brother's Keeper" initiative that Obama recently spoke about?

  • Yes it should!!

    Gun safety is highly important, many insodences have occurred throughout the years of kids accidentally killing others or themselves. Last year a middle school aged boy found a gun in his house and thought it would be cool to show off on social media, in doing so he shot himself in the head and his family was devastated. Gun safety is. A must know because you will never fully know when you or a kid will come across one.

  • Yes this is good

    What the president of the United States of America just discussed something the other day is something good. This is good that our president talked about the other day. It will hopefully be something that will improve several different rates for different groups across the United States of America against the world.

  • Yes, initiatives like this are critical to America's success.

    The "my Brother's keeper" initiative is an important step towards helping minority groups out of poverty. The initiative, as a voluntary measure, is likely to benefit those who contribute. Programs like this are important to allow those in poverty to obtain a sense of pride and committment to bettering themselves as well as society.

  • Yes, I support it.

    The fact of the matter is that, unfortunately, on a large scale, people of color live in worse socio-economic conditions than most people of European descent in the USA. This does not apply to Asians, whether they be from Japan, China, or India--that demographic does just as well as European descendants.

  • I am my brother's brother, not his keeper

    1. This is Socialism based on a misread of the religious text. I interpret it to mean the dichotomy between might make right vs. We all have to subordinate ourselves to God 24/7. I also think it has something to do with a pastoral people being told to stay out in the pastures and away from the cities and farming, which are the root of our civilization.
    2. I think the President is trying to set up his future job and legacy.
    3. I also think that the over-generalizations are unhelpful.
    4. So tired of the race card/excuse.
    5. No more hackneyed poorly thought out big government initiatives please.

  • What about the Asians? Are they not a minority in the US themselves?

    Why are we targeting specific individuals on the color of their skin? Instead of looking at what the Hispanic and Black individuals are doing look at why they are doing it. This ties down to their culture and principles of life. What are they taught as a young adult as to what is needed to become a contributing citizen on the United States? We all know that the minorities of the United States migrated here with the same opportunities as the other. Ask yourself this, why is that Asians score significantly higher in academic tests than all other minorities?

  • The premise is wrong, so it will fail.

    Judging the intended program based on President Barry's speech, the premise is that there is such a group as Black young men and Hispanic young men, and that being in either of those groups (whether because of internal cultural realities or societal prejudice) puts these young men at a disadvantage. This draws on two logical fallacies, built on a third.

    The first two fallacies are Red Herring and Overgeneralization. Incidental characteristics like race are used to distract people from relevant information like doing homework, obeying the law, and practicing birth control (the red herring). These are then overgeneralized to indicate that the negative economic and legal situations of these pseudo-groups normal for Black/Hispanic young men, when they are not at all (the overgeneralization). These are codified in the media and the social “sciences” through the use of statistics, bringing in the third fallacy. Statistics only measure correlation/coincidence. Beginning logic teaches that coincidence does not prove causation.

    Face it, all the guys Obama wants to help are unique individuals who make their own decisions. Were we to group people based on decisions and behaviors, this initiative would be about trying to help guys who don’t put sufficient time or effort into school, who don’t obey the law, who hang out with people who break the law, and who identify themselves as parts of a demographic instead of as individuals. These flaws have nothing to do with race or ethnicity, or for that matter, sex.

    The fact is that we are all individuals who make individual choices, and live with the results of those choices. Basic instructions for having a good life include the following.
    1 Go to school, study, and do your homework. Those who do these tend to have a broader range of choices as a result.
    2 Work for what you want or need. Those who do this tend to build more prosperous lives.
    3 Obey the law, and don’t associate with people who do not obey the law. Those who do these things have remarkably few, if any, unpleasant encounters with the criminal justice system.
    4 Be an individual. Those who tie their identities, behaviors, and accomplishments to things they value, think, and do tend to get the credit and benefits for all the work and sacrifice required to live a life based on following the first three instructions.

  • Just like Affirmative Action, it won't work.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see anyone who works hard for something deserve the reward they have earned, regardless of their ethnicity. However, this program will NOT accomplish what it is set out to do.

    First of all, let's look at what Obama actually proposes:

    -Provide prekindergarten education
    -Increase 3rd grade reading proficiency
    -Barring schools from expelling blacks and Latinos, aka Zero Tolerance policy
    -Making businesses hire more blacks and Latinos

    The first two deal with bettering education by what I presume is pumping more money into the edu budget in a desperate hope to see better student results. This is stupid. There has never been a correlation between high education budgets and PISA student scores. The idea that more education funding or smaller class sizes leads to better grades has long been debunked.

    The third is very risky, because schools don't arbitrarily kick students out for no rhyme or reason. Although you are giving blacks and Latino kids a second chance, you are putting at risk the school, staff and students who may become victims of crime and bullying by these students who would've been expelled otherwise. I am not saying all blacks and Latinos who get expelled from school deserve the expulsion, but many do, and many are expelled not as a simple punishment but to protect members of the schools too.

    The last part is straight up Affirmative Action 2.0. I don't need to go on about how AA can actually be detrimental to black youth employment (as seen by spikes in minority unemployment after AA was implemented in many states).

    Most importantly, it is not targeting the greatest negative influence on Hispanic and black male teenagers: culture. You can no longer blame income disparity or oppression for the historical decline of blacks and Latinos, as Asians and Jews have surmounted even greater adversity to find themselves a prosperous place in America. Instead, it is the culture that is dragging down blacks. And when I mean culture, I don't mean music or fashion or festivities; those are peripherals. What I mean by culture is a unique set of values and principles that tie this all together. Unfortunately, black culture has become a self-destructive entity that encourages minorities to blame others instead of being introspective and figuring out their own flaws that are inevitably keeping them down. Until we can break this barrier, Affirmative Action or My Brother's Keeper or any other iterations will simply go nowhere.

  • No matter the resources, it all comes down to culture, another name for war on poverty.

    Some cultural groups want to rediscover the wheel when we are already using rockets to get to the moon.
    Cultural values must change, and rather than rediscover a better way , why not adapt to a new culture.

    Lower fertility rates, making paragons of teachers, soldiers, scientists isn't something that the entire government can solve. Is something that a parent must do. If a parent is proud of cultural failures, proud of a lack of communication skills, proud of children having children before they are adults, then nothing will change.

    In the end this is just another name for war on poverty. Reward bad habits, and you will more of it. Let people find a way to best serve one another, let people stand on their own two feet and realize is their decision to better themselves.

    Posted by: N711
  • Socialism will fail.

    No, I do not support the My Brother's Keeper initiative that Obama recently spoke about, because it is only a guise under which Obama can justify stealing from the rich to give to the poor. We will run out of money if people stop working because they know they can't keep their money.

  • No, why help only one segment of American youth?

    I have to admit that I'm not comfortable with the "My Brother's Keeper" initiative. I know that places me out of sync with most liberals, but I can't see why we can't try to help all young people, not just young people of color. I know for a fact that I've been at a disadvantage applying for colleges and jobs because I'm a white male. The admissions staff and potential employers have flat out told me so. I believe that any kind of racial preference is wrong. So that makes me uneasy about Pres. Obama's initiative.

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