Do you support the new studies about the conversion therapy for gays?

Asked by: asmaa
  • It's a bit vague but I will try to answer it.

    Studies and practice of gay conversion therapy is like apples to oranges- studies are harmless ( unless talking about experiments which have the possibility to be harmful) and informative-which is why I support them. Meanwhile the practice has been claimed to be harmful and daunting. So let's see if I can't sum up my feelings about gay conversion therapy-

    I am in support of the concept of gay conversion therapy for one big reason- I have seen that there's a market for them. People seem to want to convert, whether it's be for religious, moral, or other reasons. I know I'm just another "straight, male, right-wing, cracker," but I say this with the least intentions of being bias.

    Now, here's the issue- gay conversion therapy has been claimed to be harmful and daunting, as I said above. When you look it up on Google ( granted, it is left-wing biased), every single top search is a story from a "survivor." This is the reason I say yes to the concept of gay conversion therapy, rather than the actual practice going on today. If I am going to support the practice, I will need to see a lot more stories about the phenomenal changes it's made for willing gays.

    Thanks for the read everyone, have a good week, and feel free to me or message me anytime. I am always right perspectives!

  • That's literal abuse

    This shouldn't even be an argument. There's nothing to fix. Conversion therapy is one of the most harmful things you can do to children! Some places use awful methods like shock therapy or beatings to 'turn them' straight and it never works. You can't fix what isn't broken in the first place.

  • Let People Be

    The idea individualist and liberal side of me champions the ability of people to pursue their interests and attain the things they feel will make them happy. This, of course, so long as these pursuits are not at the cost or disadvantage of others. In the case of content, consensual homosexuals participating in activities with known risks that to themselves that do not affect others - it is simply their choice. The very idea that we see people as wrong to begin with is part of the problem. If a gay person wants to undergo the humiliation and sometimes violent course of conversion therapy willingly, let them at it. Again, in the case of individuals expressing their interests it should be at their choice so long as it does not negatively impact others.

  • Abuse Abuse Abuse...

    I may be against "Gay" but I'm also against abuse. Conversion therapy uses the same ideas as ABA (Applied behavioral analysis) which is known to be abusive.

    Compliance shouldn't be seen as a method of treatment. Ever, so ban both gay conversion therapy and ABA, okay?

    So gay isn't an excuse for abuse.

  • I hate this

    Look. Gay people are protested every freaking day. It disgusts me to look at. Guys are not made for guys. Homophobic people take way our population. Our society is corrupt an nearly destroyed already and these people are just adding to it. I'm sorry if i offended anyone but i honsetly could care less.

  • This is ridiculous.

    Why are people studying ways to change someone? Aren't our differences supposed to be celebrated? Also, you can't just "convert" someone. If they want to like people of the same gender, they should be allowed to. I have always supported LGBTQ+ people and will continue to support them. Their choices are their choices. How would you feel if a friend of yours was an enormous fan of Twilight, but you preferred Harry Potter? You wouldn't try to "convert" them to like Harry Potter instead, would you? Absolutely not! And please don't say that that's different! It's about opinion, so therefore it is the same.

  • What is happening

    People are people no matter what. Everybody is different but you dont have to judge them on their sexual orientation you dont have to send them to conversion therapy. You shouldn't care about who other people are attracted to. We are all human beings and we need to start acted unified and it dosent matter your skin color, your gender , or your sexual orientation

  • Why does it matter

    Why do people care if someone is gay, I mean, why would you care so much that you need to change the way s/he is. Who would it benefit? You? No, you would live your life as you have always had. Them gays? No, they would just be traumatized because of the abuse and scared for life. You cannot change a person if the person doesn't want to change. If s/he is comfortable being who s/he is, why don't leave them alone. It is like, for example, I say "I don't like skinny people, I think we should make them fat." and then I force them all into therapy to get fatter. It is just stupid. Or you can look at it the other way around. A gay person decides straight people are wrong, so he opens a therapy center to force straight people to convert gay.

    Please! Live and let live! The problem with our society is that we worry to much about things we shouldn't worry about, and worry to little about things we should worry about.

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