• Yes, the movement is good....Frustration over the 1%, but they need a real message

    People are frustrated over no jobs or low paying jobs. They see people making billions of $, while they earn minimum wage. The same people who make millions pay there employees a non-living wage. Walmart had sales over 440 billion and pay minimum wage to millions of Americans...For 4 billion $ a year they could pay everyone at least $15 hour with full benefits.

    The message on occupy needs to be clear and focused like a ray of light pointing to a shining future.......Tarriffs....Tarriffs...Tarriffs
    millions of good paying jobs lost ....Lower wages...Trillions of $ of trade deficit

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, two out of every three displaced manufacturing workers who were rehired in 2012 experienced wage reductions, most of more than 20 percent.

    Occupy wall street is good, but they need a leader and a single battle cry to wake the masses and make America great again.

  • Yes, I support the Occupy movement.

    The Occupy movement supported the well-being of all, at least, for the most part. Sure, they made some mistakes, but doesn't every political organization? Occupy opposed corporate takeover, corruption, and the terrible things the banks have been doing us recently. I would've helped out, if I didn't live so far away from any Occupy protests.

  • Completely Support It

    I love the fact that everyday people rose up to make a statement about our economic distribution, but I hate that the didn't receive the support they should've. Then their movement was watered down by protesters being violent and being there for the wrong reasons. Within months the world completely forgot about the movement and the protesters living in makeshift tents on the streets, but I never did.

  • Sounds good, but misguided

    This is an example of a group of people who do not know what they are complaining about complaining because they feel there is "something wrong with the world." It is a physical manifestation of one of the most base and regrettable of human impulses. I cannot tell you how many idiot occupiers I have talked to. The intention is good, but the actually intelligence is very low.

  • NO I do not!

    The mainstream media spent Obama' s entire first term falsely condemning the Tea Party as a potentially violent hate-filled mob. Then, a violent hate-filled mob actually showed up and the MSM embraced it.

    It's only going to get worse. As sympathetic liberal mayors are giving the protesters free rein to break the law, the media and the public get increasingly bored with them, and the anarchists, thugs, and wannabe revolutionaries attending the protests become more desperate to justify the time they've put in, violent outbursts are likely to increase, rather than decrease. The protesters are already trying to bait the police and even random citizens into conflicts to gain attention; so it's only a matter of time until even more people die. In fact, the biggest question that remains about the protests at this point is how big the body count will be before they're done....And, yes, there is already a body count. The body count is 32 and liberals viewing this will probably think well that's the price the 1% percent have to pay for killing poor people. Yet to this day I have not received reports of Tea Baggers killing those Opposing them. One exception being the revolutionary war.

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